Monday, July 25, 2011

Problematic Pictures


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  1. If she isn’t preggers, she’s rockin’ one serious fupa!

  2. Second!! And I hate fat people

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    Well, maybe he had a plan leaving his number with a 3% tip.
    If he gets a call back, he knows she’s not all about money.
    Or something like that.

  4. #3 was pretty funny. Speaking of Dildos, go SPAM Dawnyal! NOW.

  5. I dont believe the girl in the first pic is overweight. It’s just an odd angle. Also, I hate ignorant people who judge others based on looks alone.

    The tip guy is cheap. If the service was good he should have left at least 20.00.

    What kind of person displays their sex toys?

  6. @Turkish I do not know anyone who displays them, but I do know someone who steals other peoples and uses them *cough* Dawnyal Funk Funk *cough*

  7. OMG Dartvader you really don’t want Dawnyal stuck up your throat.

  8. @Ladyda Come again? I do not understand what you are trying to say..

  9. Hmmmm, I do believe it is time to go drop Dawnyal some spam lovin.

    And wow, Jesse, you sure know how to charm a lady with those whopping 3% tips.

  10. creepedoutchick

    Anyone that has provided this much lamebook fun deserves a serious ass hug…

  11. Feel free to hug me @creepedoutchick

  12. I just paid $22.87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $675 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, bidstag. c 0m

  13. hey Stefan R: you just wish you were a STEEEEEEEVEERRRRRRRRRR and not a gay STEFAAAANNNN

  14. Ha @Steeeever *checks to make sure there are a correct amount of Es* YOU wish you were a VAAAAAADEEEEER and not a gay STEEEEEEEVEEEEER. No hard feelings.

  15. Nope, definitely not wanting anything to do with vader….
    The only hard feelings are the ones you get in your pants for Dawnyal.

  16. You were supposed to keep that a secret!!! Ha not really. Nice try though.


  18. Stever, I know you are stalking the comments. I am surprised you have held in your urge to blurt out “STEEEEEEVEEEEER”. But you should be used to holding in urges, because i know you get cockblocked.

  19. Boobs. You’re welcome.

  20. Awesome?

  21. WIN.

  22. Main reason I dont comment is because I know you`d try to add me and then send me a relationship request

  23. Oh yea Stever. Thats my master plan…haha jk. And yea I would add you cuz you are funny. But its cool.

  24. $3!? I would call him just to verbally rape him. Cheap cunt.

  25. Personally I would skip the “verbally” part.

  26. She does look pregnant. But she’s also quite hot. Win/Win?

    OMG, like, $3?! Soon our Govt. will have to, like, enforce the minimum wage instead of lying to its people. Major OMG WTF!

  27. Ok I’m way behind and only just looked up Dawnyal’s profile. 637 comments. I shall be a while. Good job lamebookers!

  28. I thought nothing would top Suroor, but then Dawnyal came along, and it’s a really close call. Funk Funk.

  29. Can someone explain “Dawnyal” to me? :S

  30. vaginalroundhouse

    Drinking lots of beer = FUPA

  31. @ijl0marissa go to facebook and search “Dawnyal Funk Funk” and look on her wall for the post that came from Erin Place.

  32. Oh I didn’t have time to follow Dawnyall I was stuck at Sarah Jazz/Fred Chin’s page of fun goat party. Is Dawnyall spotted yet? Or Erin?

  33. Ah, the tragedy! The Funk master general has now hidden her wall!
    Does anyone remember the page one of our intrepid Lamebookers set up over on FB? I’m gutted at not being able to see what is happening with that bunch.

    I’m hoping someone can fill us in at the “fan” page.

  34. OMG, it’s Shegsy! Where have you been, sister? I have missed you so. And yeah, too bad that Funk Funk has locked down her wall, but the fan page you’re after is “Breaking Dawn-yal: The Dildo Saga”. It was called something else, but I like this better. Not much on there yet, though…

  35. Oh seriously, there’s now a fan page??

  36. Wordy, darling! I’ve missed you too!
    I’ve been lurking here, but not found much to jump start the comment area of the brain just lately.

    This, however. This. Brings the noise and brings the Funk, and brings the laughter to this snarky punk. Humans are a strange and varied species.

    How’s things at your end of the world, my favorite loquacious lecheress? ;D

  37. Seriously, curly.

    I feel you on the commenting front, Miss. These days, I’m only inspired to comment occasionally. But you’ve been enjoying this one, have you, lovey? JoJo got your mojo on the gogo, huh? Good for you. Me, I had a look, but didn’t join the party.

    This end of the world is doing a-ok. A little on the chilly side, but after all, it is July.

  38. Oh Wordy, how I love a train wreck. There is a bit of shame at my schadenfreude, but not enough to stop watching things unfold. I only lurk on FB, but do so enthusiastically.

    I have spent time in the towns where this drama takes place, and am sad to report this tempest is far from unique. People do the same stupid, destructive things over and over, then wonder why “the man” is keeping them down.

    Glad you are well. It’s so nice to have a secret public conversation with you again! ;D

  39. As do I, Miss. But don’t feel any shame. We didn’t cause this train wreck. And we didn’t frolic amongst the wreckage. We looked because we had to look. We’re human. This stuff makes our (relatively) normal lives seem all the more warm and fuzzy. We have our fair share of girls like Dawn-yal Down Under, although they’re nowhere near as creative with their names.

    Great to talk to you again. Seeing your name on a Lamebook thread instantly makes this a better place.

  40. If a guy tipped only 2.9% and wrote me his #, I’d take it to my boyfriend and have him call him up. We’d have ourselves a great time!! 😀

    It’ll definitely make him regret it… 😀

  41. I totally agree with Georgie.
    Also, the toys presumably belong to and are used by Jeff’s wife, presumably also providing him with lots of visual and aural stimulation.

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