Monday, August 8, 2011

Problematic Pictures

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  1. Steeeeverrrr!!!!

  2. Yeah I hate it when I get a dried squirrel stuck to my exhaust fan.

  3. Similar thing happened to me with 2. My sisters new hamster chewed on a stray wire and ‘boom’, fried.

    I, thus, have an idea of the said smell(think burnt hair). Nice.


  4. well third…

  5. im from MI, and dude, that aint MI.

  6. No shit, slappy.

  7. visit C o o lC e n t . c o m

  8. yea that’s Michigan! those are the great lakes behind them. lmao…

  9. That may not be Michigan, but that is certainly the Michigan education system at work.

  10. 1. I’d like to see bigbootyjudy’s throughput
    2. I thought the mouse was supposed to go outside of the case. Those silly MAC users…
    3. If it were Michigan, it would smell like the inside of #2’s case…

  11. cooked bat smells like lamb
    i wonder what mouse smells like

  12. ^well,it smells like a….. mouse

  13. Dawn of the Dan

    Yeah, that’s absolutely the Great Wall of Ann Arbor.

  14. If you look closely that mouse/squirrel is zip tied to the fan.

  15. CommentsAtLarge

    Zip tying a dead mouse to an exhaust fan is one way to get back at someone – the ol’ “what’s that smell” prank.

    Apparently BigBootyJudy must live a few doors down still.

  16. “what’s for dessert?”
    *zap* “…squirrel”

  17. My lame (and nosy) neighbor knocked on my door to ask me to change the name of my wireless network because it contained the work “fuck” in it.

    Also, I thought the Great Lakes had water in them… my baaaaad!

  18. Deadmau5.

  19. Ugh. I’m a computer tech too & while I have yet to see anything this bad, this job has shown me just how nasty people really are. I have had to clean ashtray-scented fan fuzz out of numerous machines, one laptop was clogged up with dead roaches & roach shit, and several laptops have had what could only have been DRIED SEMEN on them.

    Moral of the story- People are fucking disgusting.

  20. I’m sure that the fact that it’s called “The Great Wall of CHINA” doesn’t mean a thing to Peter.


  21. No fucking way.

  22. I know we have a lot of Chinese people in Michigan…but that’s pushing it lol

  23. damn that Chinese girl is a g throwing up the Wu sign

  24. Suck my balls.

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