Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Problematic Posts

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  1. I shall use Bethann’s password for all of my passwords from this date forward.

  2. heyy

  3. Dikridor ftw. Only one that amused me :/

    Laura, Laura, Laura… You had absolutely nobody to give you a ride to the hospital when you were sbout to give birth and had to resort to the bus… That’s worse than Mikey having a whore of a gf.

  4. Sounds like BethAnn took it personally. Some history there?

  5. f*ck, here i was thinking i`d ben(D) it. But maybe next time..

  6. Who's That Girl?

    I actually used to use some form of the word “hooker” in my passwords. I was once caught off guard when my boss asked for a password from me. I was like “ummm…h-o-o-k-e-r”, hoping that she wouldn’t realize what it spelled.

  7. Am we going to get a laugh today, Lamebook? (I’m presumptuously speaking for all, so please feel free to disregard this, anyone, if you’ve been laughing)

    But for me, it’s 5 posts in, and it ain’t happening…

    One more to go.

    Hope springs eternal.

  8. Ok, I’ll laugh at my typo.

  9. I’ll laugh with you word. Maybe at you. I haven’t quite decided. Nahh, I’ll stick with ‘with.’

  10. I know if I had an ex possibly pregnant witgh my kid id follow it up with 🙂 xx everytime.


  11. Aw wtf is ‘witgh’?! fml. *with…

  12. “What’s In The Glory Hole”? 😀

  13. It’s okay BethAnn, that is what I majored in at collage. No need to be upset. Embrace the penis, firm but gentle.

  14. I am tempted to change my username to Dikridor.

  15. Sorry you can’t and it is already my dog and my daughter’s name so don’t even try rockinghorsefly!!

  16. wow, someone was able to screen cap Armani within 30 seconds of his post huh…. right

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