Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What the Folks

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  1. Wow, Rick is super creepy. I don’t think he meant to come across that way, but what else could he have meant. *cringe*

  2. Relax. It’s okay people. I’ve already called social services, and they are going to take Carley’s children away as soon as they’ve found a suitable foster family.

  3. Rick is beyond creepy. I want to Lorena Bobbit his peen, if you get my drift.

  4. Carley – They aren’t dancing, they’re trying desperately to escape. Thanks for your quick and decisive action, buckle_up.

  5. buckle_up, could they pop round to Jason’s house and give him a quick kick in the bollocks?

  6. I think someone needs to report Rick to Children’s Services.

  7. Adam and his friend wore black to Gran’s funeral. Very respectful boys.

  8. doesn’t grandma know old people should be neither seen nor heard? we need to have a refresher course for old people at the milford academy.

  9. notice that grandpa didn’t say anything. you can always tell a milford man.

  10. Mariah, you’re a poet after my heart.

  11. where the hell is Dan_Fargis on the gayzzz at gran’s funeral?? I hope he doesnt limit it to the gayz and also hits on the masochism too! what a treat!!

  12. I actually saw Rick’s profile before. It’s since been taken down – he had pictures of these children and posted statuses about how he was molesting them and giving them “hard spankings”..
    he was also friends with a bunch of underage girls posing suggestively..
    It was very disturbing, as I’m not sure if it was a joke or not.
    I reported him.

  13. @12 – that makes me so incredibly sad. I hope the fucker burns in hell. soon.

  14. I’m hoping by inside and out Rick is referring to when they were babies he changed their soiled nappies, or diapers as you yanks call them. That’s the only non creepy thing I can think he means!

    As for Mariah, what a lying cow, that poem is older than me!

  15. Mariah, Is a Liah. She stole that from eons ago. what a joke. Try using your own words now Mariah.

  16. Ok, this has been getting pretty fucking repetitive now. I wonder what Dan thinks about this. Post about this Dan. Jump on my dick Dan. Seriously, this boner everyone has for Dan is worse than closing a door on your dick. If you just expect him to post on everything, get a life, he apparently does. Appreciate the comments he does make, he’s no puppet… Other than Gods.

  17. Dan’s almost as big of a joke as his god is.

    I spit on your imaginary god.

  18. Who's That Girl?

    lol @lexluther. Grandma should be makin’ sandwiches and minding her own damn business.

  19. every one of those makes me either want to vomit or punch the fucking morons in the posts – or vomit on the morons after punching them. how can anyone give these a collective thumbs up? #1 should die in a grease fire for sure. # 2 can join him.

  20. nuff, at least it’s not as bad as the week long yoink love-in we had about a month or so back.

    Still annoying though. When he’s here the comments are filled with people who don’t realize he’s joking starting big religious arguments, and when he’s not, everyone’s banging on about him coming back.

    God damn it, I’m just making it worse.

  21. @history….are you maybe overreacting a bit? maybe it isn’t too much for #3 but the others aren’t really that bad. well 2 is promoting Nickelback so she probably should die but the others aren’t really that big of a deal.

  22. Rick/Soup? Never seen together at the same time?

  23. @22, if you operate on that theory you’ll conclude things like BritishHobo is Miley Cyrus and I’m Stephen King. Just saying.

  24. @grace You’re Stephen King wow!! i have never met any one famous before…you git.
    Was refernecing Soups perverted sense of humour.

  25. Thanks for the sarcasm, duly noted and duly ignored.

  26. Okay this is one thing I fail to realize. Lamebook posted Carley’s status due to the fact that nobody likes them. The radio station I work at has played Nickelback for the last ten years. The first year everybody loved them and requested it CONSTANTLY! You wouldn’t believe some of the messages I get that roll in on the texter about them now. The one thing they all fail to realize, haters make them that much more famous.

  27. @ Epicloser. You know, you are so right. That happened to Hitler too, I’ve noticed.

  28. Did Mariah really think she could get away with claiming that charming piece of poetry as her own?
    And Grandma’s funeral looks kind of fun…

  29. wtf is wrong with rick?
    he needs to be taken out and shot… if you get MY drift.

  30. Charlotte Sometimes

    Am I the only one that thought that Mariah said she made it up to her grandma so her grandma wouldn’t think she meant that? i doubt she was trying to pass it off as her own… just a cover up, a bad one, but a cover up.

  31. Charlotte Sometimes

    actually, nevermind. i missed the “i can be poetic” part.

  32. We are talking Pop Rock, Not mass genocide Buckle_Up.

  33. You’ve obviously never heard Hitler’s version of “I want you to want me”

  34. the third one is just wrong

  35. I think the first one was a good reply to a nosey grandma.
    Bit rude, but still good.

    The rest are douchebags.

  36. I love Nickelback!! Screw all you!

  37. I REALLY hope that someone didn’t just post Rick up here thinking he was funny but took the time to contact child protective services in the appropriate area and report it to Facebook so the asshole could get arrested. There’s no justice quite like a child molester going to prison to get the hell beaten out of him by rapists and murderers.

  38. Sorry Carley, but your kids would have good taste if they were hanging out with Rick instead of listening to trash like Nickelback.

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