Thursday, May 27, 2010


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  1. I heard sometime in France, some Nurse got a huge fine because the Doctor asked her who was the next patient, and it was the ‘garçon noir’. He was the only black guy in the room, and she did it in a non-hateful way. Doctor still got her charged for it.

    I guess she could of went by his shirt colour, but still, that seems crazy extreme to me.

  2. logicalphallicy

    Is it OK to say, My girlfriend cheated on me with a grungy guy of color? A grungy ethnic-looking guy?

  3. I love how it’s apparently racist just because he specified. Most people specify if it’s someone not of their race. It just happens. Get over it.

  4. Nobody would think it was racist if a black guy said “girlfriend cheated on me with a grungy white guy.” But of course he wouldn’t; he’d say “4reels don b tak dat shit yyl bfr kik u azzz.”

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