Thursday, May 27, 2010

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  1. Oh how Jade brings back so many great memories. College is the perfect place to shop the pink taco stands.

    I uh….will be back. . . .

  2. @wordpervert

    Re: Scented tampons. I can’t even believe that anyone thought that was a good idea, but that’s because I’m really sensitive to perfumes and won’t have anything perfumed in the house, let alone in my good good…

    Re: Nick Clegg. I thought everyone in Britain had bad teeth.

    Re: Me not being around much of late. I can’t figure out if I’m just not into it anymore or if it’s all just part of the pervasive sense of apathy I’ve been having, *sigh*

  3. CommentsAtLarge

    Scented tampons? Wow, I’m a guy and I know that’s a bad idea. Glade needs to stick to the wall outlets and spray cans of the world.

    Be it lack of interest or general apathy, nice to see ya

  4. CommentsAtLarge

    add “anyways” to the end there Em (oops, sorry)

  5. @CommentsAtLarge

    Thanks. Nice to see you too.

    As for Glade sticking to the scented plug-ins and spray cans, I’d rather they just went out of business completely. Those things irritate my sinuses like crazy.

  6. I went to my friend’s house and used the scented toilet paper…that was bad enough. I’m staying away from scented things down there.

  7. I know many of the Brit comedy guys and gals, and love most of them, but not everyone watches “Grumpy old women”, or even heard of the show. So some of us haven’t heard of Ann W. Big whoop.

    EmKitt, I’ve missed your input, but I get the whole apathy thing. Girlfriend, we’re in Aus, and it’s winter. It’s hard to get excited about anything. I’m with you on the scented tampons, I can only imagine the smell of fresh pine, and menstrual blood together. Hideous.

  8. nuff… 😉 Good man you are!

  9. Paranoid Android

    I was going to make some deep, insightful, incisive points about Clegg selling his party down the river for a bit of power then I realised I couldn’t be arsed.

    Apathy FTW.

  10. Christine, Mary and Jade I would fuck given half the chance.

    Evan stop mopping up foetus and have your slag cat spayed.

    I’d not play naked twister with Anne but only because i have a dodgy knee, instead i’d play naked monopoly and wouldn’t give a fuck if she was fully bushed or not.

  11. So Mary is a whore, a gold digger and a drug addict. Sounds like a real winner there.


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