Thursday, August 11, 2011


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  1. Vincent_Valentine


  2. Stever. No. Ok.

  3. can’t tell what’s going on in the second one (the picture). looks like a person upside down with their head in a box? something along those lines?

  4. i didnt get the second one at first either, but i think its a building or something on fire, and the point of the post is that shes telling “somebody” to call 911 while she takes the time to post from her cell

  5. ^ buds, something is on fire, and she posted it on fb mobile telling someone to call 911 instead of actually calling it, I think.

    It took me a while too 😛

  6. Who wants to call 911 anyway? It’s stressful and a lot pressure is on you. Most people want to let someone else handle it.

    That’s why when you are in some situation, you don’t shout out, “call 911!” No one will do it, because they think someone else will. You have to actually point at someone and order them to call. Basic psychology.

  7. thats the only thing i could think of for 2nd pic too, but am i the only one who was waiting for “shawty fire burning on the dance floor”? i was? ok then

  8. a 4skins license plate probably has nothing to do with the redskins, probably a blue collar worker with a penchant for ’80s Oi! or at least if i had that plate that would be why, assume it’s the same for everybody right? Yeah that’s what i thought.

  9. glad we could reach a consensus on this

  10. Doctor, I have a question for you. Every night after I go to sleep I’m a young, handsome millionaire with a pleasant personality and a hot, naked ladyfriend. But when I wake up I’m a dumb, old, bald, fat loner who spends all his time online talking to strangers. So my question is, WTF?

  11. Walter, it could be a dream within a dream, within a dream. Lets go with that.

  12. I don’t really think the first one is a fail. From a point of view of someone who used to wear glasses, I can sort of understand what she is talking about. She has been seeing unclear for 60 years, so how can she “remember” how to dream clearly?
    If you wear glasses and are very short sighted I am sure you’d understand.

    Or maybe I misunderstood the fail?

  13. yo oatmeal i’m not usually one to correct,but granny stated she can’t see a thing WITHOUT them,does it occurs to you that those things she see on her dream are those images processed when she is wearing her glasses? Therefore those are clear images. But what do i know,i’m not one of the Lamebook Gods. lol

  14. Ahhh I didn’t think about like that. Guess I didn’t think at all haha. I fail…

  15. Emily one is pretty clearly fake, why would anyone post a status like that and word it that way?

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  17. Gayness.

  18. I think 911 should have acess to all FB profiles. I bet they would be informed a lot faster than usual! xD

  19. How did the picture of the house on fire get 16 comments in 13 seconds? Or are the 16 comments for something else? I’m confused.

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