Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rating Ron

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  1. He’s puny compared to Suroor.

  2. “Whiteknighting a moonfaced slore”? What on Earth…?

  3. Chalmers he is probably Suroor’s bastard cousin.

  4. So I’m not the only one who thought of him as a black Suroor.

  5. I don’t know, “sunhuman” sounds pretty awesome.

  6. My thought process reading this: Wow, this guy is such a douche… Oh, no, he just has an awesome sense of humor!… No, wait, what?

  7. what’s the deal with Suroor? I can’t find his facebook page anymore 🙁 only the fake pages

  8. Ladies, would you do Ron, d-do Ron Ron?

    btw, todger shaved, still same size.

  9. This is the only important question:

    If you were stranded in the Canadian Himalayas with a group of normal people plus Black Hulk and Suroor, who would you eat first?

  10. Ummmm… “Canadian Himalayas”? WTF?

    Maybe my geography is a little rusty, but the last time I checked, Canada and The Himalayas were on opposite sides of the planet!

  11. Walter .. good question.

    After killing the two of them with my cock I would probably still eat one of the Sherpa.

  12. What is this “whiteknighting” and how can I get some?

    @Paranoid- Where are our before and after pics?

  13. Oh, and I would eat mass’ cock.

  14. Sorry, that wasn’t a suggested choice. Forget I mentioned it.

  15. Can’t say I have ever head abortion by knife before… interesting

  16. Yup…I’d do him….well, you know, after ripping out the blasphemous trash spewing vocal chords…

  17. Whiteknighting a moonface slore…… AMAZING

  18. Whiteknighting – Valiantly aiding the various damsels in distress on the internets (camwhores and attention whores), from those dastardly trolls that infest these parts ’round here… and are usually just neckbeard virgins who just see contact with a girl as progress in the sad life they lead.

    Also, moonface = holy shit her face is round! liek a moonpie lolz

    slore = slut and whore—combined.


  19. “Epitome of human evolution”
    Oh the irony

  20. Despite his best efforts to sound clever he fails on his “description” of abortions, last time I recalled they do not cut babies out with scalpels but rather use what suction devise.

    Caesar is more evolved than this chump.

  21. No one has rated him. I’ll go. -10. Silly fucker.

    PA – told you to leave it.

  22. Fake word, you fail. She wouldn’t make those spelling mistakes.

  23. Dude’s like a black Chuck Norris

  24. either this pic is photoshopped or that guy has Popeye’s forearms. seriously, they look wierd

  25. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    They don’t use a scalpel for abortions. They don’t even use the old suction vacuum pump contraption anymore (well, some places might, but it’s fast disappearing). They have drugs that induce a miscarriage now. They might be holding onto the old fashionned vacuum pump in the USA because you guys have some crazy religious beliefs and seem to want to make what is already a traumatic process as bad as possible. I’m surprised that they don’t just start pushing women down the stairs in the US, to be honest.

  26. They do still use the suction (essentially a D&C) to perform abortions in the U.S. And while I agree that America is all about trying to make a bad experience as terrible as possible, it is not to further the trauma. The “abortion pill” is only effective up to a certain point in the gestational process. Since abortion is legal past that point, the suction method becomes necessary to ensure that all of the products of conception have been removed to avoid infection.

  27. @porkurtree, he probably got the giant forearms from P90X-ing while in the embryo state. You know, after he snatched the scalpel out of the doctor’s hand and used it as a bar. Then MacGyver’d his mother’s organs into weights and began his training. Because he knew, that ONE day, the world would come knocking on his door, begging him to loan us his chiseled abs to save the world once again….

    After reading the bullshit he said, I know understand why we have lesbians….this guy is the epitome of douchebags…

  28. now*

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  30. urgetokillrising

    look at your man, now back to Ron.

  31. Why are his upper arms so short?

  32. As opposed to his lower, thorax arms?

  33. I don’t think Ron knows what evolution is.

  34. ….3 week old abs? lol

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