Friday, July 20, 2012

Rapid Response

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  1. Phred is fake.

  2. I phucked Lauren.

  3. I wonder if Belin only prefers the white meat.

  4. Hickory is the way to go if you’re looking for a good hard wood to lathe a cock out of!

  5. Fucken vegans. We should eat THEIR children. They’re just going to be pale, undernourished specimens anyway, so the gene pool won’t miss them…

  6. Ok I’m vegan and have been for 15 years. Seriously it even annoys me when people can’t shut up about it. You CAN eat tofu and chickpeas without feeling the need to tell the entire world about it every fucking day. Eat what makes you feel good and STFU I want to say. And so I did

  7. ^ do you know if someone is a vegan?

    A. don’t worry – they’ll fucking tell you all about it.

  8. Is this some peta bullshit? I fucking hate peta they’re a joke of a cause. I mean ‘sea kittens’ for fucks sake.

  9. peta are awesome. I love how they troll everyone. they don’t give a fuck.

  10. Slendermans Girlfriend

    I got a dollar for watching a video that tried to convince me to turn vegan by showing me chickens getting their necks snapped. You could pay me all the money in the world and show me every scary shock video out there, and I still wouldn’t give up meat.

  11. ^sometimes non-vegans are just as fucking annoying. Eat what you want Slendermans Girlfriend, but kindly STFU about it also. And really, is that the only handle you could come up with? That you are some guy’s GF? FFS I hate that. It’s like being Dirkie’s Mama. Or ArmyWife. Get your own fucking identity already. Maybe I’mAYappyMeatEater.

  12. you’re certainly a sanctimonious PoS (Pillar of Salt)

  13. PETA=People Eating Tasty Animals

  14. like Arthur replied I am shocked that a student able to earn $9035 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web link NUTTYRich Dot c om

  15. Like I replied I am shocked that a retard thinks they can get sucked into spamming message boards and make $9035 in four weeks. Salem. Do they burn witches and spammers there? I sure hope so

  16. @Ms. Sanctimonious? No probably more pompous. Or more realist. Or more go stow it, hon. That whole POS thing was super lame. Lamer than lamebook. Truey!

  17. yeah i know.
    In my defense, i was incredibly high. i’m much better now.

  18. Ohh MsAnne is sooo hardcore, she?/it? gets high! woooow, bet she feels reallly awesome telling the internet she make believe gets high!

  19. ^and you must feel reallllly awesome telling the internet you’re an immature fuck nugget.

  20. oh man, I’m so stoned right now and this is freakin me out..!

  21. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    You freak out easy, dear.

    @18 I would say am as high as a kite right now. Does that make me hardcore too? Because I really like to be considered hardcore by some anon in the lamebook comments section! Can I? Pretty please?

    Oh boy, the other kids in class will think I am like the badassestes dude in world! No more fighting over who gets the nice crayons for this guy. I am in the fucking zone, I am telling ya!

  22. Omgz is dis lyke da tread wit all da kewl peeps r hangn owt in!?! Cuz lyke im totes stoked..can I cum inside tew!?!? Omg pleaz let mee cum guiz! I promise ill b gud n tri not 2 hert noboys feelings!

  23. *nobodys…sorry guis my spill check iz brokin!!! I jus wanna cum wit the kewl peeple 😛

  24. I’m rilly hi 2! Dos that mayk me moar butter 2 fit in?!? 😀

  25. You know, Capn, I find it a bit disturbing that you spelled it cum, even in jest. Cum inside .. and the hole spill check thing ..
    I hope the kewl kids let you post here.
    I’m not high. Incredibly lubed on tequila in my own little kewl space.

  26. I hope dai dew 2. I lyke it here…it’s neato! I bet yew fill gud! Maybi moar peeple will git lubbed n cum post 2nite!

  27. don’t you sorry cunts fucking try and judge me.
    it’s exactly because of bullshit like this why I take drugs in the first place.

  28. Don’t blame us for your dirty habits. It’s your own damned fault.

  29. wait..dirty?

  30. The good kind of dirty.

  31. Y’all are trippin me out. Wish I would have been here for this one. 🙂

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