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Rebuttals of Excellence

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  1. One may have a heart of gold, but so does a hard boiled egg.

  2. I have been programmed to kill Sarah Connor. I do not have intentions.

  3. I’d love to read the, just as terrible, response “motto’s of excellence” had to say.

  4. Amitoj Setia becus killing all the jews and creating an aryan master race can be interpreted as good intentions
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    Mottos of excellence ^Master Troll ~ Salazar
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    Mottos of excellence Lol wow guys
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    Horst Udo Amitoj Setia Well… it depends. From Hitlers point of view the jews were degenative people who weaken the bloodline of the german people. This is consistent with the race theory of the late 19th century. Therefore his killing of the jews could be seen as an act of cleaning. Secondly his argument was, that the german people needed Lebensraum and killing 6 million jews would provide this Lebensraum. Again from his point of view the holocaust was justified. Thirdly, the race theory was not invented by Hitler, he only applied it. The concept of the aryan race originates as far back a the bronce age. The concept of a race that is better than other races dervies from Darwins theory of evolution. So from this perspective Hitler only did what he thought was best for the people he reigned.
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    Meghann Coughlan This is fucking stupid.
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    Dave Whitehead Well…I guess at the end of it all he did end up killing Hitler – so he has that going for him.
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    Horst Udo Meghann, nope not stupid, just a fact of history. I am not saying, that killing the Jews was a right ting to do – quite the opposite, all I am saying is that Hitler had his reasons he thought were valid and therefore in his mind not evil.
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    Thaddeus Danger Jude I That is some fucked up Darwinism to say that there is a master race. All races would have evolved to adapt to their environments, if anything. There would be no one better or worse than the others. They would all be masters of their specific environment.
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    Bruce McHorse Anyone who says that no one is evil has never met evil and has no clue what the world holds beyond their mother’s basement. Defending Hitler and his atrocities is just plain stupidity. Meghann is right and trying to explain it away just shows your ignorance of right and wrong. Go watch Star Trek, drink some Mountain Dew and shut the fuck up.
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    Madison Emily Lamebook brought me here . Anyway, there’s a reason this page only has 7 likes.
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    Madison Emily Also, everything Mr. Udo says is wrong, bye.
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    Mia Wallace Side note: Halter did not order just the killing of Jews…other races, ethnic backgrounds were also targeted. To actually believe there is no evil or that people cannot be evil is very naive. Get out of the house every once in a while. You will run into someone or something that will make you believe. I promise you that.
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    Mia Wallace Hitler. Ha! My phone doesn’t want to acknowledge that name, evidently. See?! Evil!!
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    Horst Udo Whatever Mountain Dew is… Again, I am not defending Hitler. I am just offering a contemporary perspective. The race theory is wrong, I know that and I won’t debate it. Nevertheless Hitler believed in it and used it for his purpose. I don’t believe in the existance of a master race. Regarding the existance of right and wrong, well, I am not ignorant to it. But those are just concepts made by man. Nature is not evil or good, nature is just what is is. The lion is not judged for killing the zebra. But man is judged for killing the lion. But by whom? By man of course. When someone, anyone is regarded as evil or good you have to consider the moral points of view of both parties – even if you do not agree with them. This only shows that good and evil are not absolutes, but variables.
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    Horst Udo Mia Wallace What do you mean with “something that will make you believe”? Believe in what? In good and evil? Religion? Reason? Honey Boo Boo?
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    Meghann Coughlan How the fuck is that a motto of excellence? Trolls.
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    Horst Udo Meghann It is excellent in showing the boundaries of moral judgement
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    Bruce McHorse What a bunch of bullshit. I should know better than to argue with idiots. It just puts me in the same class as them.
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    Horst Udo Right, it would. And you would be the student.
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    Mia Wallace Honey boo boo is a great example! Thanks for pointing out the obvious!
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    Horst Udo And: To what extent are my arguements bullshit? You don’t argue at all, you only reject.
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    Matthew Thomas *facedesk* No wonder you’ve only got 7 likes.
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    Mottos of excellence Let me dumb it down here: Hitler’s intentions were not evil in HIS mind, only justified, however, it was and will be evil in the minds of others. Nobody here is defending Hitler, everyone is defending perception. There could be a ghetto true G, but he can either be famous and influential like 50 Cent, or spend the rest of his life fighting the law. “It’s not who you are underneath, but what you DO that defines you.” ~ Batman Begins. That quote, delivered to Bruce by Rachel, and then again to Rachel by Bruce/Batman, signifies the informality with which we approach people. Your viewpoints are too narrowed, what Mr. Horst Udo is saying, is you can never judge a person by who they appear to me, as appearances are misleading, but by the choices they make. You need to fully know the person as well before asserting to anything. That is one MAJOR point left out here.
    Bruce McHorse: You may think you are arguing, but you are not. Simple confusion; send me your Email, I know a packed that can help you. Bottom Line: You’re not responding to his points with your defense, your just building a weak barrier by adding bricks, but not layering them.

    “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” ~ Harper Lee, To Kill A Mocking Bird.

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  5. In hindsight, I could have just provided a link. Now look at all that prime real estate in the top of the comments section I wasted with that horse shit! I hope you’re happy Kid Zombie, look what you made me do! FUCK! ASS! ARGGGGGG! “I’m outta here!” * Storms off in a fit and slams the door leading to the Bridge*

  6. Also, it was only posted yesterday! TheRE goes the theory on things taking forever to make it to lamebook. But, why it that some posts can take weeks/months, but this one gets to jump to the front of the line? Are people just not submitting as much content as they used to?

  7. The op obviously worded this wrong (especially the good intentions part) but I get what they meant. To just call someone evil or a monster and leave it at that makes us all seem pretty powerless against this force which seemingly is just there. I think they meant more that Hitler was a human being, and was not born a monster or evil, also Hitler did not actually commit the murders his followers who were also just human beings did this and claimed they were ‘just following orders’. Research Hitlers life, perhaps to gain some perspective watch the film “Max” which puts the infamous hitler in a different light. He was a man first, and an artist, he was largely influenced by the anti-semitism around him and extremely poor, the nation was in poverty an looking for a saviour, the government provided hitler with free food and a place to stay as he was a good public speaker and motivated lots of people. Power does corrupt, but the point that the OP is trying to make is he was just a human being and many factors were involved in his ability to rise into power and many factors were involved in his views, he ultimately, however, made choices which were ‘evil’. This is not to take away personal responsibility, ultimately the choices are up to them BUT we have to understand WHY the choices were made in order to understand it.. When we can research what causes people to make these choices instead of just accepting evil we can perhaps look at ways to prevent these circumstances from allowing ordinary human beings to get to this point, this is very well documented in everyday life – anywhere in which has poverty or lower quality of life has more crime including violent crime. Evil doesn’t just hang out in ghettos, people in these areas make these choices because of external factors.

    That is not to say there is exceptions, there is born sociopaths, psychopaths, and other mentally ill people whom some may claim are born ‘evil’ (though technically they are not, they are born with a mental disorder). Poverty is a factor in many ‘evils’ and so is corruption, power corrupts, money corrupts etc. Anyone can make choices to do evil, and external factors may influence this heavily… but again no one is just born evil. Life is kind of a test I think, and there are people who are put through hell that can and do make choices for good. There are also people who seemingly have everything handed to them but still struggle with their own issues (trivial as we may see them) and make bad choices. But in the end we all have the ability and perhaps given the right (or wrong perhaps is best to say) circumstances I believe many to most of us would make ‘evil’ choices. When you are brainwashed to believe someone is not human or lack empathy for other creatures we everyday human beings can and do very sick and twisted things…

  8. Yeah, so, uhhh, anyways….human being or not…I’m just going to go out on a limb here, and I hope no one gets mad at me for saying this, but, Hitler was fucking evil, and his mother was a whore! Fuck the idea of his master race, fuck his shitty Adolph paintings, and fuck Nazis! Fuck ’em right in their asses! You want to rule with an iron fist? I’ve got your iron fist right here! You wanna guess where I’m gonna put it motherfucker?

  9. I think 5yt has mistaken lamebook for his year 7 History essay.

  10. I was born evil. You can’t really tell by looking at me, though.

  11. ^You mean your first name is “Evil”?

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