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  1. Atheism is not the belief that god doesn’t exist, it’s the realization that religion is bullshit.

  2. I’m pretty sure that more meant not to have sex before marriage. The Bible is cryptic like that.

    As for the comment above me, atheism is the proof that one thing is alright but the opposite is not. And you complain to religions nuts for being close minded…

  3. As for the comment above mine, atheism is the proof that one thing is lizards, and the other is toothpicks.

    Checkmate, atheists…

  4. The Beast Among Us

    I’m a dyslexic agnostic insomniac. I lay awake at night wondering if there really is a dog.

  5. Where does “Good Christian” fit in the many different branches of Christianity and interpretations of the bible? Sounds pretty cool that this chick can spread her legs all she wants in high school without being put to death, ignoring the literal translation where she wants, while condemning others by taking other parts literally. Stupid people make my brain hurt. Shelley and pink bitch should be burned at the stake using bundles of sticks for kindling.

  6. You all had this debate 2 years ago when this was originally posted.

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  9. What a nice discussion you guys have. Enjoy yourself. Very interesting to read about.

  10. Wait, is something wrong StupidDane? That is not what you usually post…

    Hmm… Suspicious…

  11. StupidDane finally got raped and realized he had no one to blame but himself.

  12. Fuck it, if Dane isn’t going to say it, somebody has to step up to the plate!

    Deuteronomy 22:28-29:

    “And Lo! If you want to Rape a virgin, go ahead and do so. Just be aware that you’ll have to cough up 50 Shekels and then marry the dirty bitch… No takey backies either, you’re shacked up for good!”

    I’ve jazzed up the wording a bit, but the message stands… 50 Shekels is a fucking bargain!

  13. I dunno about that, Mofo. What’s the inflation rate of the shekel over the last 3500 years?

  14. Ah but you’re forgetting Jehovah’s words and laws are immutable.

    Remember him sending his Son down to kick over the bankers tables?

    That was God making sure that the price of Rape wasn’t tampered with. 50 Shekels a go. No more no less! Like I said it’s a fucking steal!

  15. Why did I have to apply for a government licence to participate in a ceremony at my church? hmmmmm?

    The abomination is the belief that the state has any standing in deciding who may or may not get married.

  16. You didn’t, snap. You applied for the license because you wanted the 1000+ legal benefits that come with state-recognized marriage. You were free to have a religious ceremony without the license, but then you wouldn’t get all those state-granted goodies.

  17. The Beast Among Us

    ^ What state-granted goodies? You mean the extra taxes? In my state, it pays to NOT be married.

  18. For startsies…default legal power of attorney (including the right to make life-or-death decisions and visitation rights), tax-free inheritance of joint property (and in some cases individual property), automatic joint custody of children natural or adopted, and survivor benefits for Social Security, pensions, veteran’s and other benefits.

    Beyond that, the right to claim the other as a dependent in cases of disability, or be included in family health plans from employers. FMLA to care for the other. Even spousal privilege in criminal or civil cases.

    I’m not denying the marriage penalty exists. I am cohabiting because it does. But (a) that arrangement is a LOT more complicated than what we would get from a cheap-o marriage license and (b) it’s only an issue because we make, jointly, quite a bit of money. Over half the people I know do BETTER under our tax system being married (and many more are willing to give up a couple hundred dollars a year to have the security that the other benefits provide). We’re pretty unique snowflakes in getting together later on and owning a whole bunch of stuff and being established to the point that legal marriage didn’t make *financial* sense over the money we’ve paid lawyers to get the equivalent in contracts.

    Even my gay co-worker, whose household income is more than ours, ran straight down to the courthouse to make it official the second he was able to because they felt the license was less burdensome than what we’ve gone through to get the “equivalent” (which could still be challenged, possibly successfully, in court by a blood relative).

  19. BorderlineDane

    well if you really want to live by the old testament lets start with no pork and shrimp..thats right…. not allowed to eat that and *PUFF* they changed their minds 😉

  20. Judging by the parting statement, it doesn’t take much to expose the latent homosexuals.

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