Monday, August 16, 2010

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  1. i’m pretty sure we already had a post about vagazzling. am i right word and ee?

  2. Almost first. Damn you Lex Luther!!

  3. you win some you lose some. better luck next time nokomis. i guess i’m your kryptonite.

  4. Where’s malteaser?

  5. I don’t know, sexluther, and by the way, it’s been a long time between drinks for us, right?

    I may have seen a post in the past about vaguzzling?, but I can’t be sure.

    But we’ve definitely had a recent post about driving/texting. It got a lot of people hot and bothered (chiiro, I know you don’t drive and text).

    This post sucks, so maybe what it does need is an argument to get it kicking along…


  6. Ew, Lamebook is linked with People of Walmart?

  7. Sorry to follow your wish for an argument with that word, but I’m just confused why anyone would want to advertise the fact they’re affiliated with that thing.

  8. I can barely ride my bike and text. I can’t imagine having a 600 lb. steel cage around me while doing it. Amirite?

  9. Vaguzzling. Hahahahaha. Way better than Vajazzling.

  10. @Hobo

    I know, when I saw that I reloaded the page a couple times thinking it wasn’t supposed to be there. It didn’t go away so I’m as shocked as you are.


    I can’t text and drive – I’m too busy eating, shaving, and reading to bother with my phone (totally kidding but those are all things I see on my way to work in the morning).

  11. I don’t understand the Jersey Shore one. Am I dumb?

  12. I don’t get the Christine one. Other than the fact Jersey Shore is lame as hell, I don’t understand what makes it Lamebook worthy.

  13. These were so horrible…not funny @ all. I’ve submitted gold & it doesn’t get posted; but this…this is the shizz that gets published.

  14. Ok, I’ll admit to having driven and texted in the past. Hey, I used to live on the edge.

    Hobes, I don’t even know what People of Walmart IS, buddy. That is totally lost on me.

    Comments, I put my lipstick on in the car, but only when stopped at the lights. Yeah, I’m bad. Smack me.

  15. What I mean, Hobes, is I see it at the top, but what the hell is it?

  16. These were not even lame, they were down right stupid. I’ve submitted really good ones too, and this crap is here.

  17. You have to take the posts you find cupcake, put them in the mixer, add shit and stir until you get a paste before laying it out on a cookie sheet. Proceed to use funny shaped cookie cutters in the guise of twilight characters, Justin beiber, and various other celebrities. Cook said shit mix for a good 24 hours precisely so it is no longer recognizable and then add sprinkles. Feed said sprinkle covered shit cookies to the masses and watch them get violently ill.

  18. Well said nuff.

    I think all of us have submitted good stuff only for it to fall to glitter and beaver.

    @word: Smack you or your vagazzle?

    I prefer the latter…

  19. Lulz, no, you are not dumb, girlfriend. I do not even know what Jersey Shore is, let alone what Christine is on about.

    Some American stuff goes right over my head.

  20. I think the Christine/Christie one is that “Christie” is supposed to be the baby…we just can’t really see the picture. She’s another dumb mom that made a FB for the thing she spawned. That’s my guess.

  21. it has been a while. i went on a fast from lamebook when yoink showed up. it hurt me too much. i’m pretty sure i remember soup saying he’d hot glue rhinestones to his spoon to make the experience more interesting for you ladies…but anyways.

    you don’t have to worry about balancing or pedaling in a car. it’s not that difficult. plus the bigger the car the fewer obstacles you have to worry about. so,in conclusion, i say urnotrite.

  22. @Word

    Stopped at a light is different, I meant going 70 on the freeway. Not severe enough for a smacking, possibly a spanking though…


    You’ve discovered the secret recipe? I thought that the people who knew the two halves weren’t allowed to be in the same place at the same time.

  23. Comments, what’s your stand on eating and driving?

  24. @ Word – I suppose it depends on what’s being eaten.

  25. ^ agreed

  26. ^Motion carried.

  27. Comments, you’d already referred to eating/driving, so I take it you disapprove (except for what Banahm is talking about, ha). I actually don’t have a problem with eating/driving – only potential mess.

    I have the worst day of work ahead of me, so I’m at sixes and sevens. So, in summary…

    I don’t know what People of Walmart is, nor do I care (a cult, perhaps?). I don’t know what Jersey shore is, nor do I care. I was hoping for another heated argument about the perils of driving/texting. It hasn’t happened. Therefore, I’m fading to black…

    Have a great day.

  28. As they say at Wal-mart, “Have A Nice Day!”

  29. I have no problem with the culinary version of eating and driving – I’m guily of it myself from time to time. In junction with anything else and driving, well that might be a different story (too much going on and all).

    Now, the other sort of eating, well I like to devote my focus to that. It’s a dangerous undertaking while on the road.

    Have a great one Wordy, talk soon.

  30. Okay, every time I see the Lamebook and People of Walmart thing up top with Regretsy next to it, I think it says Registry. Like it’s trying to promote a baby/wedding registry site.

  31. i think they just regret putting a link to the “People of Wal-Mart” site up.

  32. word, People of Walmart is basically people who see someone who they think is ugly, or doesn’t dress well, and they just whip out their camera or phone and take a picture of them right there in the store, then send it in to the website to laugh at them.

    Reading the site is even less entertaining than reading that paragraph, if that’s possible.

  33. Blingin’ the Beaver?

  34. Is that a euphenism?

  35. soo…. I’ve spent a lot of the day checking out People of WalMart, and it looks like it’s a well known site, so people purposefully wear stupid outfits to get on the website. (well you’d hope that was the case anyway).

  36. People of Walmart is bad karma, man. Lamebook = the awesome AV geeks. P.O.W. are the mean, dumb jocks of the internet.

  37. Seems like a good match up to me, People of and Lamebook are both sites where people spend time feeling superior to others and talking about them behind their back. Perfect choice really.

  38. In the 1st one Mike assumes his mum is referring to him and not the love child she gave away the year before.

    She also named that unloved sprog Mike, which just goes to show Sue has very little imagination.

    Sue led a wild life in the early seventies, in fact she was right slut.

  39. On the surface, maybe the two sites are similarly themed, but upon my first visit to P.O.W. in about six months I only had to go back four pages before encountering a picture of an morbidly thin woman who looks to be at death’s door, and dozens of comments making fun of her. Lamebook is primarily text-based (or photos generally involve lame behaviour or photoshopping) and people can choose what to say on facebook – but making fun of pics of people who have deformities/illnesses is in the poorest of taste.

  40. Hey BritishHobo, here is something for you!


  41. My first summer job was a vagazilizer. Best years of my youth. The following year I was a lowly sphinctilizer. Yes, you can guess. And the cheapskates would come in to the shop and say “can’t you just paint the hemorrhoids with glitter glue? It’ll look just as good”

    I quit soon after.

  42. baroquejen, I love that… metaphor… thing.

    Madrid on Fire, I saw this on there:
    ‘turtlegirl76 :

    I really hope the commenters from those sites don’t come over here though. As great as the content is, the commenters are assholes.’

    I’m hurt, turtlegirl76, I try and be as nice as I can, you stupid bitch.

  43. BritishHobo, perhaps you should point this out to that corpulent name-calling thundercunt over there.
    BaroqueJen, ‘poorest of taste’ and ‘hilarious’ often coincide.
    I believe the more accepted spelling is ‘vajazzle.’

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