Monday, October 25, 2010

Relationship Relays

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  1. #100 I saw it too. I also noticed that the “Remy” who commented here seemed more literate than the one from the original post.

  2. Remy, pointing people to your journal was the worst thing you could do. It has a lot of gems in there that don’t make you look any better.

    And you do have half nudes on Purerave, you just put stars over your nipples.

    Come on now…

  3. Saffer wins.

  4. Remy is enjoying her life. Angel is taking tremendous amounts of time to bitch about other people on the internet. I sense that there are many people here who might get along quite well with Angel.

  5. At the risk of drawing ire onto myself here, with the amount of time spent bitching in this post, are you including yourself amongst those who would get along with Angel?

  6. No, I was bitching about people bitching about people. Such meta-bitching seems to be outside of Angel’s purview.
    In all seriousness though, rather than moderating the posts, if a system of comment-control is needed they should install regretsy’s type of system, where users can +/- posts, and those with too many negative votes are hidden (and can be displayed by the viewer if they wish). This system seems to work quite well. Of course, we would need to set the number of negative votes required to auto-hide a post somewhat lower here than regretsy does, I suspect.

  7. What the fuck, guys?

  8. not really trying to keep this going, but i’ve definitely seen Remy nudes before and not the ones with stars over her tits in the shower.
    just go to and ask /b/, that’s where i saw them and they were pictures of her snatch, ass, tits, and her naked fingering herslef. once you get over all the deep stretch marks everywhere and shitty tattooes, they’re fairly decent tits. helluva lot better than her face.

  9. Nope. Couldn’t do it. Looked through the whole site, and I can’t find a single Lamebook post lamer than this shitty comments page.

  10. haha, this comments page is pretty shitty for its length. There are some good one liners here and there but overall for the length of this section this was the WORST I’ve read in a long time.

  11. I made an account just to say this:

    Right after I graduated high school three of my friends got engaged to guys they had been dating less than 4 months. One of them was pregnant even though she had insurance and access to any kind of birth control she wanted.
    I tried to be a good friend and talked to them in private about how it seemed like a bad idea to get married, and one of them ended up tagging me in a fb post saying I was being bitchy and everyone commented and said I was bitchy and yadda yadda.
    Maybe Angel reacted harshly but Remy is being stupid is what Angel is saying is true. Marriage isn’t just a pretty wedding and a nice bridal shower!

  12. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the comments on here. The comments on here have always sucked ass, they haven’t changed for the last year, why should they change now.

  13. Epic Fail Guy makes a good point, but then again his name has ‘Epic Fail’ in it, so he’s probably making that point from the year 2004.

  14. I’m sorry. I hadn’t been an asshole in this comments section, so I felt a little left out.

  15. #109 stole the words from my mouth. Or fingers. Whatever.

    Though it’s more confusion for me…I can’t keep track of who’s mad at whom.

  16. I have to say Hobo I agree with you on #111!

    This might be comparable to the MEG comment section where she offered to flash Soup so that he would like her again (wtf)… and then she threatened to kill herself.. THAT was pretty lame. I mean, I’m still mind-fucked by that whole thing.

    Actually I should probably shut up and NOT post this… it’s not funny at all. Ah, fuck it! I <4 punishment! 😉 Someone cuss me out and tell me I'm not funny

  17. About time some of the commenters here were called out – it’s not Oprah, or either. Sometimes it seems that there are people spending their whole life commenting on here to each other – very fucking sad. (Yes, mostly I am talking about Keona who honestly seems to think people want to read about her personal life which she seems to think is interesting but is totally lame and Mad because he encourages her).

  18. Bring back Boz!

  19. @Valenya – HAHA Thanks for the fill-in. I was just asking about Meg on another post.

  20. I doubt anyone will actually read this since this post is kind of old now, but I just have to leave my two cents.

    I’ve been reading lamebook for a long time. From the early days of Boz, from the days where people were stealing usernames, from the days of the one-armed girl, etc.

    I would just like to say that wordpervert has been on her high horse from the beginning, thinking she’s above everyone. Her orgies with eenerbl and slimjayz were the most annoying thing ever and her hypocrisy is hilarious. She even quit lamebook when her username was being stolen and made a HUGE deal about it.

    Her minions have been just as annoying. Junebug, who the fuck are you? Some 17 year old kid always trying to fit into the orgyfest of the other losers? Please make your break from lamebook extended. Your post was probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever read on lamebook. Shut the fuck up.

    Mad2physicist, Keona, Shelley – keep posting whatever the hell you want.

  21. @122 I’ll reply to you. No I won’t post whatever the hell I want, because some “up on their high horses” can’t take jokes that they previously made. Fucking hypocrites, the lot of ya. I’ll go back to simple jokes, that only are towards the posts. Because they seem to like stuffy aired, stuck up comments with no fun in them.

    Oh thank you, prudes, for showing me the light and error of my ways!

  22. holy fucking shit.
    has everyone forgotten this is just a fucking website? how about turning off your computers for once and, i don’t know, going outside?
    jesus christ.

  23. well when you’re in the middle of fuckin’ afghanistan shit like this really makes your day. why don’t you go outside?!

  24. Life is a series of peaks and troughs, but I just realized Lamebook is pretty much one big trough. It just got a lot deeper, and now it’s full of piles of shit.

  25. Mm, nice steaming piles, eh? Deuces all around.

  26. undergroundtunnel

    Wow, What a bitch.

    Word is in fact, a word pervert.
    This kind of talk should be right up your alley, but wait- you’re not being mentioned in it so of course you piss and moan like a bitch.
    Keona <3 you're awesome.
    @ dinglehopper I couldn't agree more with you. I've never been fond of her. Anytime something happens she gets all dramatic and claims she is leaving, probably just to get a reaction out of people and read their "Don't go" comments.
    I wish she actually would leave, for real this time.

  27. undergroundtunnel

    Wordpervert is meg.

  28. lmao.. what you people don’t know is that Remy is one fucked up individual.. just read her journals.. check out her “fuck me, love me” tramp stamp tattoo
    oh.. and you see under this some guy named Billy comments …..

    well he’s her ex fiance.
    shes like a serial bride-to-be
    she also likes to have children with everyone she sleeps with apparently
    and now that she doesn’t have her children anymore.. (since they were taken away from her) she wants to have more.
    i guess she doesn’t understand what a condom is.
    i actually can believe she ended up on here. or on 4chan with her gross vagina pictures.
    everytime i read her journals i thought.. she HAS to be lying or something. but apparently this is the real her. slutty, gross, and pathetic.

    for a woman who lost 3 of her kids that she supposadly “lives for” she seems quite happy

    and anyone who actually read her journals… this woman actually says well i have to move on because i can’t get my children back..

    I’m pretty sure if she tried hard enough, she can get them back over time.. and not just give up

    so there you go.

  29. British Hobo better not leave. I don’t care about anyone else.

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