Monday, January 10, 2011

Background Checks!

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  1. youmustbejokingright

    are you people dense?
    Pic 1 is an aussie pic which means girl is in passenger seat, obviously either going to or coming from school, note uniform.
    Pic 4 is just a dad about to play lift off game with his toddler, hand under butt, other hand on toddlers hand ready to lift him high which also explains his exciteable face.

    Bit of common sense would go a long way people

  2. Surely the thing about the first one isn’t that they should have blocked the face of the child for identity issues- more so that’s pretty much one of the ugliest babies I’ve seen in ages.

  3. #51 Help me out, I’m too dense to get it. Is it written on her forehead that it’s Australian pic out of the possible 196 recognised countries of the world (a majority of which drive on the right)? I went with the kids baby gap socks to narrow the country numbers down.

    Side note: good to know she didn’t wear a yellow golf shirt by choice though, I was seriously wondering about that.

  4. hahha, ya’ll are reading into the first picture waay too much.

    it’s funny because the dog that the kid is holding looks like a DICK.
    plain and simple..

  5. @54 Thanks for helping us out, because as has been pointed out, we’re dense. And obviously a dog’s paw that looks like a dick is going to keep us entertained all day, rather than the comments.

    *Rolls eyes* (Just making sure you get it.)

  6. Dumbfuck.

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