Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Religious Ridiculousness

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  1. Slendermans Girlfriend

    Wow. First. This is such an honor.


  2. Once again Lamebook you disappoint. That 2x today…..

  3. Slendermans Girlfriend

    I can now die happy.

    Oh man, the first one is a good one. Haven’t seen that in a while on this site.

  4. Hrm, a Bible everywhere? That only means I can read the Bible and take a shit at the same time…

  5. Well, it’s a lot cheaper to replace a Bible than my smartphone, but hey – I have Kindle on it so I could carry a Bible around if I wanted to.

  6. I don’t get Nasim’s joke….anyone want to help me out?

  7. @lexluther: Nassim’s “joke” is that jewish people are too cheap to pay for stuff, so its better to have a chrisitan themed movie that people of that faith will actually pay to see.
    Basically, Nassim is being anti-semitic.

  8. @Slendermans Girlfriend – you forgot to post a firstard banner stringing your name across the page, that would have really made Steeeever get up earlier.

  9. Diana should get one of the free bible apps for Iphone, Android, etc, best of both worlds.

  10. Generally, when an ethno-centric joke is very funny,its racist orientation is kind of attenuated. It is shocking when it’s not quite funny :))

  11. Slendermans Girlfriend

    reveeeets — good point!


  12. Shut up, Diana!

  13. What did I do?

  14. Seriously though, why do we need to listen to her religious crap? If she went on and on about atheism there would be a deluge of crap falling on her, but if you criticize her ridiculous religious beliefs the crap falls on you. Exactly, shut up Diana.

  15. this is for Diana : SHUT UP! .. simple and clear!

  16. oh, btw,,, Diana, if jesus had a cellphone.. he would IGNORE your call!

  17. And what if we used bibles to try to call 911 after we get pinned under a tree in the woods? Jeebus rarely goes for the obvious intervention like rescue people.

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