Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Resenting Your Decision?

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  1. “one of those websites”

  2. White trash reprezent!

  3. ^you mean ‘one of thoze websites’

  4. I’m surprised Megan knew how to properly spell “resent.”

    Aside from the misspelling, why the hell would someone tattoo the word “resent” on himself anyway? Are those his best attributes? Do those tattoos serve as warnings for women?

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    “I uze “Z” when it soundz* like 1.”

  6. Megan totally submitted this to Lamebook.

  7. Megan must be a dick for having such a penis on her friend list to start with

  8. People should have to take a test to get a tattoo.
    You know what, nevermind. This makes it easier to rule out the morons.

  9. Shouldn’t it at least be rezentment?

  10. ^^ He’s waiting for the next welfare cheque to so he can finish the last for letters. There’s still plenty of room.

  11. four*

  12. to arrive*

  13. Then why do you write your name “jaSon” and not “jaZon” you moron ?…
    (Unless in English it’s prounonced as a “s” ? French speaker here ^^)

  14. ^ Yes, it has the “s” sound. But in México, they often pronounce it “YAY-son.”

  15. @yorgl You sure you’re French? Your name doesn’t sound it.

  16. giggitygiggitygodiwannaliveinthe19thcenturywhereilliteratefuckslikehimhadtowork16hoursadayforsomelowassqualityloafofbreadanddidn’thadtherequiredfreetimefortatoos.youcouldslmostsayireZentlivingnotthen.giggity

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