Thursday, April 7, 2011

Revenge of Suroor!

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  1. From suroor26 twitter:

    haha. Facebook again got disabled with the help of others for the 13th time. & for the 14th time I will be back again with a Bang with new 1
    web • 11-04-13 3:51 PM

    13 times?!?!? Disabled?!? How many times have people found this guy?!? Wow…

  2. Question…

    Why would he get disabled? I mean, other than the obvious puss filled, Synthol issues?

  3. That’s what I’m asking… And why so many times?

  4. ifitwerentformyhorse

    And by “disabled” does he mean Facebook shut down his page, or that he deactivated it? Uh-oh, maybe FB doesn’t like all that talk of beating slutts’ faces in.

  5. @Twitnit and Ifitwerentformyhorse: LOL LOL LOL

    @Mydoogyface: only god knows….

  6. but for i have my own problem now in which yours is nothing..facebook disabled my page!!!! jealous trashes!!

  7. @suroorps: yeah, whats up with that, his profile is disabled but as of today the fan page HE created himself is still up (has 290+ fans…. all making fun of him of course. arent the pages you create disabled along with your profile? i guess not!

    i am starting to feel the suroor withdrawn though, without any new LOLs coming from him, whats there to look forward to? by the way, perhaps having his facebook profile removed means this is a wake up call for this guy? i would want him to get help (before he goes out on a shooting rampage)

  8. @Lurker… I agree. Deep down, I kinda feel bad for the guy. I mean, how desperate do you have to be, to do what he does to his body? How much do you have to hate yourself, to say some of the things he says? I do have compassion for him, but at the same time, I do get my chits & giggles from his crap.

    Bless his heart.

  9. I doubt it’s any kind of wake up call if he’s has it removed like, 13 times…

  10. *had

  11. TO ALL: MORE RUROOR: hey guys, feast your eyes on the latest lamebook suroor entry:
    http://www. lamebook .com/more- suroor/morsor1/comment-page-1/#comment-175454

  12. @twitnit check out the latest lamebook entry called “more suroor” this one its worth its weight in gold LOL

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