Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rock Bottom

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  1. And, to top it off, you accidentally put a winky face in the “special instructions” part. Boy, are you in for a real surprise.

  2. I’ve done this. I’m not proud of it.

  3. Ginger ale? I thought Gatorade was the thing to drink?

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  6. Obviously got some Gatorade haters here… Either that or ginger ale is some Yankee thing we Aussies don’t get

  7. If you ever find some in Oz, try it out. Or, if you travel, find some. A good ginger ale is pretty tasty.

  8. Who is Sarah?

  9. Um… we definitely have ginger ale here in Oz. But Hermaeus is nearly right; get some electrolytes into you when you’re hungover.

  10. the best electrolyte hangover cure is sex fluids from either gender

  11. Yeah definitely got ginger ale here (bunderburg all the way!) but never heard anyone drink the stuff for a hangover. May have to get drunk to test it out, purely from a curiosity standpoint you know?

  12. ^ It’s the scientific thing to do.

  13. And if you are an Aussie you would know Bundaberg makes both our finest ginger ale and rum. Win win. Rum and ginger? We call that a “dark and stormy” yummy!

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