Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Fans





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  1. When will the madness stop??

  2. underwater, eh?

  3. I prefer handjobs when I’m skydiving. That way, I can race it to the bottom.

  4. frodo is strawberry blonde.

  5. lol@Nor.

  6. Taylor became a fan of ‘It’s weird how few of these irrelevant groups use correct spelling and grammar…’

  7. max got an STD from underwater handjobs

  8. They are fans of their hair getting messed up? Holy shit.

  9. I haaaate all these stupid, useless fan pages D: They’re such a waste of time, and all they do is clog up my news feed when people join 435692743 million of them. Who gives a shit if you go out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf? Because I really fucking don’t.

  10. This is what I am talking about! Haha

  11. Lmao @ NOT having a STD

  12. Agreed. There is nothing on facebook that is so funny to be a fan of that the rest of the world needs to get it force-fed whenever they log on to enjoy facebook.

  13. It’s a shame that we can’t hide every “join the group” and “became a fan of” update without hiding every post by the users who make such updates themselves. Facebook must really consider this, and probably regularly perform tests on groups to see if they’re relevant, and destroying those that aren’t. That’s if relevant groups do exist lah.

  14. @Michelle–Sometimes I do go out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf…The useless fan groups are a waste of time, but they are kind of a fun waste of time if you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe you need News Feed Drano? “Useless Fan Group Clogs getting you down?”

  15. I am jaffa blonde

  16. Random applications are just as bad. I don’t care if X sent Y a non-existent gift using some shitty application.

    I don’t want to know who’s playing ShitVille online, or what they’ve scored the last four times they played it.

    Every time I block one, another two or three turn up.

    Grrrrr !

    Rant over. Now where’s my medication ?

  17. @ gingerspecs

    Seedless ?

  18. I always thought strawberry blondes were more on the blonde end of the spectrum, myself.

    The standing up one is pretty awesome.

  19. @ Keyser Soze

    Thick-skinned lol

  20. Some groups and fan pages are great, but most of the ones I see people join are shit
    Welcome back lamebook, have missed you

  21. I like turtles.

  22. Antarctic Circle

    My new year’s resolution was to join a facebook group that…
    a) is useful to society as a whole, and
    b) was not created by a toddler in kindergarten.

    Nice to know that I’m not going to exert myself.

  23. @ Zombie Kid- LOL! Love the randomness of that comment.

  24. Why do people moan and whine about things they have an option to change? You get to customise your feed, if you can’t be bothered then that’s your own fault. Don’t start crying about people refusing to post anything that [i]you[/i] specifically don’t want to read. Get a grip and grow up, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  25. Eep, no BB Codes! Dammit, by rant is ruined.

  26. I don’t have a pool…

  27. @SarahBear33


  28. @Marc #24.

    I agree. Sure it’s annoying, but it’s something people can choose to do or not do. I hate it when people are so intolerant.

    I like turtles too. My birthday is on World Turtle Day… 8D

  29. Antarctic Circle

    @ Marc

    There are BB codes. But they don’t work for lecture-speak.

  30. Taylor didn’t actually join any groups. There’s a difference between fanning a page and joining a group. That’s why I don’t like her.

  31. Marc – Oh, so is there an option to hide when people join fan groups, without hiding everything else they post? Because if there is, I haven’t seen it.

  32. The Underwater Handjobs

    Now there is a great band name.

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