Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SAW 2013

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  1. I’d eat it, then instagram a pic of my dump tomorrow!

  2. Good choice, Steeeever. I’d eat it.

  3. I’d use my good old Nokia 3210 for playing some snake.

  4. And then, after dinner, Frankie and I would have sex on the table, and record it with the iPhone.

  5. There’s gotta be an App somewhere that allows you to do both.

  6. “I think I’ll take the food and shove the phone up your ass”

    – kids in 3rd world countries

  7. Jeez beatus, buy a lady dinner fir.. oh, ok!

  8. I’d fuck the dinner then make the asshole who creates stupid hyperboles eat it.

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  10. Have I become so old that I cannot fathom how this could be an agonizing decision for any involved?

  11. I’d eat it because I’m not some hipster faggot.

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