Friday, June 3, 2011


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  1. Hihi, amusing thought.

  2. Nikita <-< zombie (now searching for brains)

  3. CommentsAtLarge

    Isn’t that also how Le Femme Nikita ended?

  4. No. She got away.

    If Victoria came up with this herself, I am impressed.

  5. great read

  6. @wun7ermute

    She didn’t. It’s material from a Kiwi comic working in the UK named Jarred Christmas.

    It’s really annoying when people do this, because it makes someone’s original material now look it was stolen from facebook.

    Thanks, Victoria.

  7. Sorry, win7ermute. Mistype.

  8. I hear you, tj. The people who do it are right up there on my shitlist. This guy I know quite well is always posting uncredited Seinfeld quotes on Facebook, the imbecile. I mentally deliver a knee to his nuts every time he does it. Yeah, so most people already know where they originate from, but that’s not the point. They’re not his words. It’s not that difficult to credit my man, Larry David and his gang, fuckhead.

  9. It’s called “plagiarism”. Too bad you can’t get kicked out of life for it…

  10. crustylovelips

    Mentally deliver a knee to his nuts every time? Why don’t you just man up and tell him it annoys you? Would probably be a lot more satisfying.

  11. Oh, funny 😀
    Also that’s what this sign “” was invented for…

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