Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Say NO to racism!

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  1. “Mexican” isn’t a race.

  2. ^are you trying to logically argue against that?

  3. I’m actually being sarcastic, and making fun of my government at the same time.

  4. google ‘Races of Mexico and the Mexican Genome’

  5. ^ No thanks

  6. ^ Google “list of races on US Census.” On the last census, they added: “For this census, Hispanic origins are not races.” Also, Mexicans have been counted as “white” since the 1940s. So, then, according to the US government, “Mexican” is not a race.

    It’s bullshit, so I make fun of it whenever I have the chance.

  7. according to the US government, dropping bombs on children is for ‘peace’. so, you know…

  8. @6 Woohoo!! I’m white, after all…

  9. @7 True, but that’s just not as funny as the Mexican thing.

  10. This is so silly! Panda’s don’t eat tacos!

  11. @8 So velo, you’re a gay Mexican who lives in Kentucky? How are the beatings going? Why not get to one of the coasts? Like likes like.

  12. Haha… It’s not that bad. Plus I’m not really the flaming type.

    In 13 years I’ve only been threatened once, at a straight bar, for kissing my partner at that time. We called the police and then waited, and waited, and waited… the rednecks probably got too drunk and forgot about us and left. The police never showed up.

    A few years ago, a man named Steven Ard hit a straight kid in the head, with a baseball bat, for defending a gay guy outside a bar in Newport, KY. The gay guy was my ex (another one).

  13. Oh, and NO to the coasts… Too many Mexicans there.

  14. Mexican = Native American

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