Monday, February 18, 2013

True Idiocy…

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  1. I think it’s trying to communicate.

  2. We should not make him/her think. It could get dangerous before u know it!

  3. Ummmmm…who includes awkward pauses like “Ummmm” when they are writing?

  4. I wish we could see the actual comments on this post. I desperately hope that someone shed some light on the subject. Also, does the ellipses after “Have a great day” indicate sarcasm or was there really just no proper way to end this?

  5. Penis McGuillicutty

    I can only hope this person’s parents regret not getting the abortion done everyday of their lives. They deserve to suffer.

  6. Millions of years of evolution, and the slimey-larvae that first crawled out of the sea to evolve into what would one day be humans, just facepalmed itself.

  7. You got your regular stupids, this guy is on a level of his own.

  8. And Kyla23, the “Have a great day…” is in there because he just blew your mind to pieces with his wisdom, now you have to spend the rest of the day putting it back together.

  9. Religitards: God’s gift to comedy.

    (this guy ain’t no darwin)

  11. I was created from a lump of pure awesome

  12. Goddammit. Kill that brain-dead lump before it copulates.

  13. Oh, oops. I meant the OP, not gonzo

  14. Scientists are created by Satan who hath sent them to Earth to fuck with fundamentalists.

  15. Just when you start to believe in evolution…someone disproves it.

  16. The chicken created the scientist

  17. What the hell did I just read?

  18. The level of stupid in the subject is too high. Subject should be shot before it breeds for the sake of humanity.

  19. Okay this is now the stupidest thing I have heard/read. Kind of makes me think there should be a stupid season. You know like dear season each person is allowed to shoot x number of morons in an effort to keep the rest of humanity strong.

  20. *drops mic*

  21. @ Friendzone – The only problem with “stupid season” is that sometimes the morons shoot back, and while they might not be smart, some of them are pretty good shots.

    I do have to say, though, this is a notch below “STEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR.”

  22. can’t even…head exploding………

  23. Ummmmm He’s talking about SCIENTOLOGY, right?

  24. He can not be serious. This is some sick joke…

  25. uuuuuuummmmmm..yea..hes serious….now pray 2 the scientist about how sorry u r about having insulted some of his best work..i think da best part of that cat was spidermaned on his/her moms face

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