Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scott the Star Friend

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Scott is well within his rights.

  2. I bet she had nice boobies

  3. I terminated Scott.

  4. Scott gets full marks for being sensible, polite and reasonable… when smacking that whiny little bitch down.

  5. Scott is a pussy. A real man would have fucked Doug’s mom.

  6. Dropped Your Heart

    Sure Doug shouldn’t annoy everyone with his whiny posts but really, Scott?
    “you will be unceremoniously struck from my starred list with immediate effect.” Doug might cry about it but to the rest of us it makes you just as much of a pussy. :/

  7. oh dear. next week when scotty has finished PSMing all over the fucking place, he’s going to simply feel awful about how loose and callous he played with dougie’s feelings.
    he’ll probably take him out to lunch – his treat – and they’ll hug over macaroons, both crying buckets about how it was completely *their* fault and how they should make it a priority to work on their friendship.
    later they’ll go shopping and get drunk. and doug will hold back scott’s hair while he vomits onto a mannequin in the main display window at Myer’s.

  8. Doug is not over Scott now is he

  9. Dropped Your Heart

    Then Doug will make a post about it among other things and they’ll get in a huge fight. Scott will toss out their “Friends Forever” photo strip that they got from the mall photo booth, Doug will delete it off his fb, and the bitch-fest will resume once more.

  10. I have nothing to add to this conversation but to say, 9 cracks me up! Ok, countdown until someone says something quirky like “you never have anything to add…” 9…8…7….6….

  11. anyone notice scott is a sloth ?? awww. they grow up so fast

  12. You can all take the piss if you want but I know how Scott feels.

    I thought I was over my tenth wife… turns out it was the twelth wife’s grave I was stood on.

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