Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seems a Bit Harsh

Seems a Bit Harsh

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  1. @Lithi
    I would willingly attempt to do so, but there’s just so *many* of them. And preventing them from breeding just isn’t enough – they need their tongues cut out and texting fingers removed too.

    Ah, by the fuck, let’s just kill them; kill them *all*. Preferably before they get to reproduce, eat or speak.
    Perhaps we could infect a large batch of Burberry-copy baseball caps with smallpox and distribute them to the UK’s market traders?
    Just a thought . . .

  2. Jeremy Kyle is my new best friend cos im off work
    i always wonder where they find the guests…
    probably same place they find these facebook posts!

  3. I hate how ‘of’ means ‘off’ and ‘if’ a lot. How lazy/mentally challenged are people? A typo is one thing, but just being lazy and stupid is another.

  4. This would be funnier if I knew what the hell they were saying. Clearly our education system is failing. These people can’t even write a coherent sentence.

  5. yeahh watching Jeremy Kyle makes me ashamed to be British
    but then I switch over to Ricky Lake and think it could be so much worse. :/

  6. People, people.

    “9/10 people enjoy gang rape” is a British joke, the 9 being the rapists and the leftover 1 the rapee.

    Jeremy Kyle, or, “The King of the Gypsies” is indeed a chat show host, who hectors our feckless underclass for a feckless underclass TV audience at a time when normal people are at work.

    Sadly, I have no idea what a lemon cunt is.

  7. the “x” means “kiss” by the way.
    it’s a british thing.
    we do it at the end of messages to friends.
    seems a little out of place in this particular interaction though.

  8. Thanks to for the youtube clips. I wouldn’t wish an HIV gang-rape on anyone. But this Jeremy guy is a total asshole. He’s definitely overdue for an ass-kicking.

  9. @I am me Just while we’re on the topic of spelling, ‘a lot’ is two words. I understand how that could have been a typo but so many people think it’s one word. Sorry to burst your bubble folks, a lot is two words.

    @Boz I said “By the fuck” to my friend and she said “what the fuck is ‘by the fuck’?” ahh such naivete

  10. Wow. I consider myself reasonably skilled at decipering moronese, but this was literally illegible.
    However once I understood that it was Jeremy Kyle they were talking about and not someone they actually knew, the strangely placed kisses seemed a little less inappropriate.

  11. @ English, or anyone else that can answer me – do Americans not put an x to mean a kiss? I genuinely don’t think I knew that. Is it just a Brit thing? Colour me intrigued.

  12. They’re from Essex…just ignore them.

  13. Where did she get those statistics? 9/10 people enjoy gang rape – I don’t remember partaking in that survey.

  14. Peta, are you really that daft? The 10th person is clearly the one being raped… hence why the other 9 enjoy it. Its a joke 😛

  15. Peta, it’s been said in several other comments above that the gang rape comment is a joke. Someone even said it’s a British joke. Why would you not read other comments before making your own?

    @Faux I too know a girl who has admitted to having a rape fantasy, as said above, it is a desire to submit total control. Some people are into things others would consider weird.

    @hitmewithyourrhythmvic I think it’s a pretty world-wide English-speaking standard to use an x to symbolise a kiss, and an o is a hug xoxo 🙂

    The issue was that it seemed out of place at the end of almost every sentence. My guess is that Daniel is gay and it’s something they do after all their sentences. You also see it a lot between young girls to late teens.

  16. Jeremy Kyle is a fucking maniac! he flip-flops emotions quicker than Margot Kidder in a supermarket.

  17. @65

    Actually, I’ve noticed alot of my younger brother’s male friends do it too, and I’ve been berated myself for never adding x to the end of FB message replies.
    Incredibly camp

  18. I say ‘lame’,you say ‘ass’! LAME….ASS!!!

  19. I have only one thing to say in response to this post:

    lol x

  20. It’s about Jeremy Kyle – a talkshow presenter in the UK.

  21. its the name of a tv presenter he is a prick!!!!!

  22. can someone please translate this to english?

  23. Ah well, us complex Brits…

    They are talking about Jeremy Kyle who is basically like Judge Judy on a power trip. He has a massive gambling addiction but thinks it’s ok to judge everyone that comes on his show and he is full of absolute dog shit.

  24. Also, the word ‘cunt’ is considered offensive but people over here tend to use it as often as the word ‘Hello’. Usually it’s ‘Hello Cunt’

  25. queer british gotta put an x at the end of everything they say xx

  26. Actually, we’re not obliged to. Its just the Essex chimps in question that feel the need to …………….x

  27. #12- I get you, baby. I get the ‘Germany Kyle’ joke & I hate myself for it.
    The evil old Scottish bitch!

  28. Miss Bluetoothpaste

    Jeremy Kyle is a housewives/students dream!


  29. What the…what is going on here?

  30. mike_hawkins_cider

    Sorry for being generic dumb Texan, but what the fuckin fuck does “chav” mean?

  31. Hi mike- hawkins

    a chave stands for

    they are like little pretend gangsters who are all mouth and lots of crappy gold


  32. Actually Chav comes from a Romany (Gypsey) word, Chavies which means children, it’s a Romany insult to call someone a Chavey, it would seem this got shorten to Chav.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  33. Jeremy Kyle obviously.

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