Monday, February 8, 2010

Separating the Issues

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  1. i havent read the FIRST one yet.

  2. May I be the first to ask… what the FUCK is Tanya saying?

  3. chickens dont clap

    the SECOND one is pretty funny 😉

  4. Tanya has one brest (breast)? And it’s worth a “1000 dolla stack”? Good for her! I’ve always wanted one brest (breast) worth that!

  5. chickens dont clap

    dammit. sorry guys. I have never arrived so early after a new one has been posted. Got a little overexcited.

    Also Helen fails at both facebook and life.

  6. meh.

  7. Nothing like finding out about a cheerleaders perky outcome to really get you over the grief.

  8. How do you comment on the wrong status? I know new Facebook makes no sense whatsoever, but that’s still some crazy skills there. Especially with a comment like that.

    May I add: Helen’s just harsh. She could have at least bothered to read the status before spammingi t, and if she did… then that’s awful.

  9. Look again…BritishHobo…says right thing then does a follow up from FUlookAtMe Land

  10. Tanya makes me think of a sneezing chicken carrying a stack of golden pancakes.

  11. Jacynta? The fuck?

    Helen is a dyke. Kill her.

  12. Sorry but these are HILARIOUS…why the dislikes?

    1-Helen=so insensitive I must wonder if something went wrong. Who is that thoughtless?

    2-Charlene…JUST DELETE IT!

    3-Does Tanya have a friend named Tanya or did she like her own nonsense?

  13. BritishHobo – Just the other day some Twilight Zone shit was going on with my facebook. My status was one thing, and the responses were all from at least one other status, if not two. I wonder if something is going wrong with the new home page change. It was WEIRD.

  14. Sorry, not trying to be spammy…but is it possible that Helen made a comment, then her pink bejeweled cell phone rang and when she turned back to her tangerine iMac and made a status update, forgetting she was already on Lorena’s status?

    Is that a stretch?

  15. @ Penny Lane (14)

    Let’s not jump to conclusions, now – Helen’s iMac is probably cherry red.

  16. Thankfully no one has found that pesky “delete post” button. What would we fill our days with?

    @Tonya, you tell your uncle to take his off of your thigh.

  17. duh, Tanya. you say, “God bless you too!” this world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  18. I guess it would depend Tanya, did you sneeze?

  19. @sarayve, ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ lol, what does that mean?

  20. I love how they blurred out Charlenes photo when it is the “Facebook user” blue sillhouette on white!

  21. Don’t think anyone knows what it means nashntth, it’s just one of those sayings, and it conjures up a wacky image.
    I love it and use it a lot, mostly in reference to myself.

  22. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Gabby strikes again! I am convinced all these Gabby references must be about the same person.

    And, all the names in the second one drive me CRAZY… can’t people just give their kids normal names???

    I also love how Tanya liked her own status.

  23. Along the same lines as Penny #14, I think Helen logged on to Facebook to update her status but was distracted by her friends status. She commented on her friend’s status and then immediately blocked that from her mind and went back to finish her original plan. Stop spamming my IM you twat. I was just finishing a comment on lamebook. Lol rofl l8ter

  24. *delete* *delete*

  25. This is off topic but I think people who use lol are liars. I know you’re not really laughing out loud. Just type “haha” or something – it shows you think somethink is funny but it isn’t a LIE!!!!

    and don’t get me started on rofl. I mean, seriously.

  26. Who is the funniest Australian ever?

    Rofl Harris. Hahahahaaha… thanks

  27. lol

  28. Due to the singular brest (breast), might Tanya not be referring to a piece of chicken?

  29. Hey Matthew, you hopeless knob, maybe you could write in full words and proper sentences when offering condolences on a family death.

    Helen isn’t helping my impression that cheerleaders and their moms are vacuous turds.

  30. shakes her head at Tanya with a tsk tsk sound. She is NOT doing the name justice. Disappointing to say the least.

    wow #1, nice Helen. Condolences followed by bragging about the live daughter’s second place win. EPIC insensitivity.

  31. So THATS what sad and proud looks like.

  32. @Mykl42: Thanks. Yeah, I should really read more closely. But still, the fact that she already commented just made it worse. Though, I’ll just assume it was an accident.

    @Penny Lane: Facebook’s gone really messed up with the introduction of the new version. I think everyone’s is going crazy before their page becomes the new Facebook, like some kind of crazy Alice in Wonderland that makes no sense. And it’s still going on. I got new Facebook, and I’m getting like, a status from three hours ago. Then a status from last night. Then one from one minute ago.
    What the fuck were they thinking?

  33. Looks like Tanya’s problems extend beyond the meaning of “1000 dollar stack”.

  34. Walter, I actually do “LOL” way more often than most people do. I am one of those people who laugh at everything. So my LOL is never a lie…well sometimes it is. LOL

  35. I guess that if you’re too stupid to realize that you’re posting on the wrong Facebook page, you’re also too stupid to realize that there is a DELETE button so people don’t have to see your comment.

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