Monday, October 24, 2011

Sharing is Scaring

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  1. I’m a fucking lingere model!

  2. Codename Dutchess

    Can someone please enlighten me and explain why its so fucking hard for (some) women to take their birth control? I could understand if it was a daily injection or something but its a pill! Just one, and the day you’re supposed to take it is on the fucking container! If someone said “Dutchess, just take this pill daily if you dont want to fuck up your life and cause irrecoverable damage to your future. That’s it, just take the pill” I would do it. Everyday. Because Im not a complacent idiot.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll just stick to pulling out and giving out a fake name.

  3. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Codename Dutchess,
    I know what you mean; my mom’s like that with her Alzheimers medication. Bitch just doesn’t seem to take it seriously.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Drchalk. First LOL on this site for a while.

  5. OhohOHOhoh…I see what you did there…

  6. Dunno why my previous comment is awaiting moderation and I’m not gonna hazard a guess.
    However. Lamebook, if you’re just gonna go and throw free advertising at Big Pharma, at least publish a disclaimer about the poisons they are pushing on the population. Even they have to do that. (well, mostly).

  7. ah. it’s the links, isn’t it? It makes my post look like spam.

    Its not spam, just some information people can click if they wish to learn about the shitstorm that Bayer is facing over this uncomprehendable fucked up shit.
    They have been flogging us this artifical-hormone bullshit since 1961. It looks like they don’t even give a fuck about trying to get it right anymore.

    google;- yaz class-action lawsuit

    Or the lawsuit they are facing for LYING about it on television commercials?
    google;- bayer misleading ads lawsuit

    …the charmless, unholy, money-grubbing CUNTWADS.

  8. 1, you object to women posting these types of pictures on FB? I for one applaud it.

  9. Is she stupid?!!!! if you forget, you can still take it as soon as you remember (even if it’s a double dose the next day), not leave it entirely. Or rather go for a condom, patch, iud… so many options in the 21st century. She wanted to get pregnant.

  10. Are you stupid Saffer?? No you can not double dose! If she remembered too close to the next due dose, then you just take the next one. Doubling up is dangerous!
    But otherwise, yes I agree… In times of need, use a condom. In times of buggering up seek the morning after pill. In times of internet comments, please never listen to stupid advice like doubling meds!

  11. EzzB, I really hope you’re trolling. “Doubling up” is not dangerous. I’ve taken three different birth controls (which I remember to take by the way) and with every one, if you miss one, you take it as soon as you remember, even if it’s the same day as your next one. You’re an idiot. Enjoy your pregnancy.

  12. Doubling up isn’t dangerous but it does decrease the overall effectiveness. Remember, these pills work by maintaining your hormones at a level to emulate pregnancy. The more regularly you take them, the more consistent your hormone level, and thus the more effective at fooling your body.
    That is why for the period week, the pills are placebos (just to keep you in the habit of taking a pill), because you need to go back to normal so your body will cycle the blood or whatever.

  13. looks like her dog got ahold of it you tards! look at the detail. It seems as though she was directing the joke towards her missing doses.

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Doubling up, works so much better than those pussy single dose subscriptions you get from your doctor. It also halves the time it takes to go through one of those antibiotics treatments, which you can discard anyway once you’re feeling better. Taking your medication the smart way, double up! Just use common sense people…

  15. I had a girlfriend that got the shot every month it was great! No “bleed out week” and no daily “ah shit I forgot.” Which was very beneficial due to her being a drunk and the dumbest woman I’ve ever dated. Ah high school you have so many great memories.

  16. My instructions tell me that if I remember to take the missed pill within 12 hours all is hunky dory. If it’s over 12 hours do not “double up” but take the next pill at the usual time and take extra precautions for 7 days.

  17. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Some of you people need to double up everyday – just in case.

  18. #13, did her dog pop the pills on the second one as well? I’d love a dog that smart.

    310 and 314 we’re not talikng “medicine” here. These aren’t antibiotics or paracetamol, it’s the pill. Yes you can take a double dose. Maybe you should start wondering what the morning after pill is then. Please don’t forget to send me an invite to your respective baby showers. Congrats.

  19. 1. 99% of oral birth control can be doubled up if a day is skipped. If you’re more than 12 hours behind on your pill, take that one AND the next one the next day. I only know of a VERY few brands that advise against it…all the others, it’s right on the damn directions packet that comes with the pills.

    2. Maybe that’s why y’all gettin’ pregnant…can’t fucking read the directions on your pills.

    3. stoma, you’re a retard. Birth control CLEARLY is not antibiotics (also, this coming from a lab tech, doubling up antibiotics is motherfucking stupid…the bacteria MAY all die, but some may remain because the dose wasn’t spread out over enough days to be 100% effective, so all the bacteria that survived will become resistant to that antibiotic and come back to fuck your ass later…and feeling better does not mean the infection has cleared up, you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take your medication until your doctor says otherwise…he gave you a certain number of pills for a certain number of days FOR A REASON). DERR DER DER DER DERRRRRRR!

  20. @winged missed the troll did you? It was sitting right in the maple tree over yonder.

  21. what was chewing on that top package? a rat?

    also. the two types of birth control i’ve been on advise against “doubling up”. dunno what mexican off-brand shit you doublers are taking..

  22. Its the same medicine. One’s the generic and ones the name brand. look at the active ingredient (drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol) on both packages.

  23. PLEASE tell me that the last pic is a fake! Can someone seriously be so dumb?!? “Oh, I’ll just eat these pills whenever I remember and feel like it, I’m SURE that won’t get me pregnant!” In the pills I’ve eaten, there are FREAKING DAYS written behind the pills: Mo, Tue, Wed, etc., just to help you to keep track. (In the foil, that is, not on the pill. I’m sure you get my point, English isn’t my first language.) GAAAH!

    Though I must say, just last Spring I was at a gynecology lecture. The teacher told us about couples who have “accidentally” gotten pregnant. Contraception? Condoms. Used? Occasionally, not every time. And they were honestly stunned for being pregnant, thought that contraception had failed. -___-

  24. And now that I looked at the picture more closely, there are dates. Apologies for the rant, but these people make me loose it for a very good reason.

  25. FinishHimFlawlessVictory

    Ehhhh I always know when I’ve forgotten a pill, hence why we have condoms, folks. She definitely wanted an ever-shitting flesh bag, ya know, ’cause tax bonuses and all. And yeah I agree about doubling up decreasing the effectiveness, mad2physicist, hence why now, just one pain killer of the narcotic variety doesn’t do shit for me.

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