Friday, October 2, 2009

Sherry, Sherry, Quite Contrary

Sherry Sherry Quite Contrary

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  1. Oh Sherry Baby.

  2. her full name is visible in the last post

  3. Dammit. Thanks John.

  4. This is going to Failblog! LOL

  5. I’m confused, what’s going on here?

  6. me too mimi, does anyone have study notes?

  7. whoa whoa sherry, careful with the “dang it”, we don’t want things to get out of hand here!

  8. @Maria…LOL

    wait, what is going on here??

  9. I don’t know what’s going on in this post, as I’m sure there’s more to the story than what’s possible to know here.

    But I bet when she says BS, she means “Bologna Slices” instead of “the other one” dang it!

  10. The only solution that came to mind was that whoever she was arguing with decided to delete their comments.

    The more entertaining scenario is that Sherry is just all kinds of crazy and decided to talk to herself.

  11. Wow, Sherry seems pretty self involved….God might not like that.

  12. I want my youth back

  13. AND I SHOULD’A BEEN GONE! after all your words of stee-e-el

  14. When life gives you LMAOs, make some LMAOnade.

  15. Sherry’s last post makes me think she’s in a Harrison Ford movie.

  16. My guess as to what happened (probably totally wrong): Brad is a relative of Sherry’s, and asked Sherry’s boyfriend/husband to do some sort of work on his car at a knockdown “family” rate. Job was botched or not completed, Brad got pissed, maybe took some of legal action, caused a rift between Sherry and the rest of the family, because they sided with Brad.

    One way or another, she comes across as batshit crazy.

  17. Scary Sherry sounds appropriate here.

  18. Yeh Mitchell, that’s what I thought.

  19. i don’t get this and i’m not sure why it’s here but i wish they had shown the email so we could all ask her *imagines sending hate mail*

  20. @boz


  21. @Big Wiggly Style


    What happens now?

  22. Sherry’s just depressed? lol

  23. y do people post such pathetic things on the internet “i just want my family back”

  24. Wow Brad must have blown it, Sherry might curse him or something..

  25. When God gives you lemons…

  26. No such thing as God, anyway.

  27. i love this!! you couldnt make it up!!

  28. anyone else feel like maybe someone else was in this convo and they just deleted their comments?

  29. sherry needs a kick to the teeth

  30. I just want my kids back.

  31. @ Chaz – Nice Steve Perry (Sherrie) quote there! Hahaha

    I think perhaps Sherry might BE one of the lemons Brad’s talking about…

  32. What on earth happened here? “I just want my family back”? o_O

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