Friday, October 23, 2009

She’s Just Not That Into Yooh



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  1. it’s amazing that yuu can still use a computer at 100 lol

  2. uh 37, Boz, uhuh, you said “hard-on” huhuh.

  3. I hate yooh and lol

  4. @Martin

    That was so awesome and so true. LOLs are comas. stupid people

  5. witness signature

    It amazes me how many of the “comments” sections deteriorate into arguments about spelling and grammar. I GET IT—most of you know proper spelling and sentence structure. GOOD for you. Now shut up about it, okay? No one is going to be putting a little gold star on your report card for it. More humor, less completely un-funny and often silly and violent debates about what we did or did not learn in English clas, please. It’s BORING.

  6. witness signature

    And I see I left an “s” off the end of the word “class”. *sigh* Let the ridiculous flaming begin.

  7. Crocks? Rock Pool? Jupiters?

    Dear God, these people live in my town. Now I am depressed.

  8. This sounds so much like my ex, and I know how scary it is to be in Monique’s situation… And really NOT the way to go about getting someone back…

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