Friday, November 20, 2009

Shitty Friends


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  1. It’s not just flexo, it seems. What about Maynard?
    This is really weird…

  2. @ Julie

    Maynard posted Tool Lyrics to a song/skit called “Message to Harry Manback” and “Message to Harry Manback part 2”

    Maynard is the lead singer of the band tool. Either felxo was bored and did it himself, or someone was using those lyrics to show how much they hate him……..not sure but yeah.

  3. don’t forget A Perfect Circle… freakin’ love Maynard!

  4. @ Lindsey

    Oh and Puscifer. 😉

  5. yep your right

  6. concerned citizen

    *sighs to himself alone in the dark*

    “flexo’s posts will never be funnier than what happened a few days ago.”

    *loads a single bullet into his .45*

  7. I bet it was funny to the guy(s) that did it.

  8. A new website will be popping up shortly entitled “shitbook”. There, we can all have the pleasure of looking at kiddie poop, dog shit, adult feces, and status updates made from the crapper.

    Stay tuned.

  9. what happened a few days ago, concerned citizen? i’ve been absent from the comment threads lately…

  10. @jellybeans, go to page two, and look at the thread for the strippers. That is when flexo made his debut in comments. Pure gold.

  11. Why does some of the crap look smeared on the rug?

  12. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    Just back-track from here:

    Oh man – so going to have to re-read everything flexo has said now – imagining it all spoken in a mexican accent . . .

  13. okay- i am not even halfway through the “stripper post” comments and i’m already dying of laughter with “brians” and “doushebag”.
    how did i miss this?! okay…let me get back to reading it. thanks for the entertainment, flexco!

  14. thanks for updating me on the fuckery i’d missed, chazz & thesaurapist. i’m now going to add “retarted” to my regular vocabulary. love it.

  15. @jeallybeans

    Now that you know, you can join us in insulting flexo with tool lyrics.

    Ooh, I’m going to get called a retarted doushebag now.

  16. what is the ball of grey beside the shit smear?

  17. @64
    Bahaha, oh brilliant. The accent makes it even better.

    Oh and btw, is anyone else bothered that this person’s first reaction was to take a picture of the shit?

  18. that is all

  19. you think is is funny jelly beano?! asshole, i think you need to stcik to your own business. i want to know why you feel the need to bring of the brains thing. marissa never says brians dooshbags.

  20. “dooshbags”

    dont use big words you cant spell kiddo.

  21. Did anyone else realize that wallet and ID look HUGE when you compare it to the dimensions of the room? Maybe its just my drugs.

  22. You see, the wallet is not actually bigger – it’s NEAR the camera. When things are NEAR the camera, they look bigger than if they were FAR.

  23. Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner!

  24. i like how the shitter left his ID card.

  25. Whoever thinks the shitter is the one that left the ID card is pretty naive. It’s just one that happened to be there, maybe even the party thrower’s. He wouldn’t have said “whoever shit” he would’ve said “Jamie that bastard!”

    I guess he should’ve cropped the crap picture in order to limit the confusion.

    Get it? 😉

  26. Well you can’t always trust what people type nowadays. Maybe the one in the ID IS the one to blame, but the owner of the carpet or whatever tried to mean as in HE doesn’t know the dude on the ID or perhaps someone left the ID close or something. I wouldn’t take a pic of crap next to MY ID. fuck that.

  27. why has that person pooped out what i can only presume is a tortoise shell? O_o

  28. Oh man on CARPET too. That will never come out! >_<

  29. LOL
    Mississippi driver’s license

  30. I like to smell my own farts

  31. I don’t know anyone in Mississippi that has a basement.

  32. I don’t understand the depth of field or w/e in this photo. The wallet is huge compared to the shit and puke yet it isn’t that far away?? The “shit smear” looks like it was a very small bag of something that got smooshed open into the carpet. Either that or the wallet is actually an A4 folder or something?

  33. Mclovin’ is a “party pooper”. literally.

  34. know the girl who threw this party, the id is of the guy who did it.
    real photo, not shopped. im not sure why the id looks so up close but that is legit shit and throw up.
    we all concluded that he was probably naked curled in the fetal position and just passed out amongst it.
    or while kneeling/whatever to shit he just threw up.

  35. What a crappy friend.

  36. Note to self: Read post title before commenting.
    Also, don’t try to beat ‘party pooper’.

  37. i was shitting in my pants and i threw it on a police car then the police offficer was drunk and having sex with this lordo and he left my pants (:

  38. I’m shitting myself laughing at this picture.
    Might have a chunder while I’m at it too.

  39. wait…wait…jelly…… you come from a land down under ?

  40. That sucks.

  41. A poo bandit smeared shit all over the floor in a bizarrely abhorrent fashion. Well done, you have to give credit where credit is due.

  42. AAARRRGHHH. My eyes. That is fucking disgusting. I would hire some DNA testing guys to find out which one of my “friends'” nose to rub in it. Oh and to pay the cleaning bill.
    #74 ftw btw

  43. this is from my facebook!!!!! i have the kids ID if anyone wants to see it! how did it end up on here?

  44. Oh, man. I would literally have to burn down my home if that shit (pardon the pun) ever happened to me.

  45. what a classy soiree.

  46. How long did the shit stay there before it was noticed? looks a little white and moldy, blech and did someone step in it and slide or did the shitee smear their ass on the floor on their way out the door. bwhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

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