Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sign of the Timeline

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  1. Doesn’t the ‘Update Info’ icon imply that at least two out of these three are self-submitted?

  2. #1 would be funnier if it was a golden shower, which Douche McSelf-submitter surely partakes in.

  3. dont know about you guyz, but all these kinds of pics lamebook has been posting lately are well, pretty lame. give them up lamebook

  4. Stephen looks like a spacker

  5. Randy’s was kind of cool. The rest are lame.

  6. #sickofthisshit

  7. Why is he kissing a frog’s tongue?!?!

  8. ^ Why are you asking such ridiculous questions?

  9. ^ why are you answering a question with a question?

  10. ^ -||-

  11. Just one more of these, and I will kill the entire world.

  12. [*prays hard for more of these*]

  13. Randy’s pic is awesome : )

  14. ….and I don’t know who that Randy is but that is certainly a lucky frog.

  15. CarloineJane, awfully close to sounding like the submitter there.

    MsAnne, pray away. God will ignore you and damn you to an eternity of being fucked by big black men if you so much as think of him.

  16. I was praying to Slaanesh. He always answers my prayers.

  17. Had to google that one Ms. Hahahahahahahahahhahahha geeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

  18. ah, the “humour” that goes “viral” these days, ridiculous

  19. FUCK.

  20. Tourette’s getting you down?

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