Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m getting the feeling that Kelsey will sleep with any guy except Harvey.

  2. A post and a comment and a screenshot taken all within one minute. This couldn’t possibly be fake or staged.

  3. Seeing as this is from a song written by two lesbians, I think Harvey may have slightly misinterpreted it

  4. I disagree with geezus, once again you were wrong, this is totes faek

  5. Since she’s posting Tegan and Sara lyrics, I sincerely doubt whether Kelsey really wants any cock at all…

  6. …because only lesbians listen to Tegan and Sara… ಠ_ృ

  7. @ Calyph, are you a lesbian?

  8. I love Tegan and Sara, and I’m not a lesbian. Harvey is a tool.

  9. I don’t know who Tegan and Sara are, but guessing they’re American…they’re probably cunts.

  10. I don’t know what they’re like now, but when my friend worked in a studio with them they were apparently really bitchy to their mom all the time, and acted really entitled. Since then I haven’t been able to listen to a Tegan and Sara song without hearing my friend’s impressions of them and laughing.

  11. I just googled them after becoming intrigued. Definitely lezzers. Such a waste.

  12. Stupid lyrics anyways

  13. This is fair. In The Walking Dead, Lori fucked Shane because she thought Rick was dead. And she was scared because zombie apocalypse.

    …I don’t know where I’m going with this.

  14. ^It doesn’t matter where you were going, Anne. The fact that you worked zombies into the comment scored you 27 extra points.

  15. Lesbians. Sisters. Twins. Canadian. Great song.

  16. @crusty: I’m kind of a lesbian. Short cut hair, dress like a guy, into girls. Of course, there’s the whole I have a penis thing that kinda throws it off. Still, I think it’s a good effort.

  17. Into girls but they’re just not into you huh? Tragic.

    Fuck off volatile name one good thing to come out Canada! And these two bitches sure as fuck don’t count.

  18. Careful there, Crusty. My mom and oldest brother came from Canada. Of course, my brother was deported back to Canada, but that’s a different story altogether…

  19. Why did your brother get deported? Clubbing baby rednecks? No, no, no, wait, he’d be Queen of America by now if he’d done that. Clubbing normal babies that DON’T have any inbred defects?

  20. Mostly because he didn’t have his paperwork in order when he was caught doing other illegal activities.

  21. jesus returns tomorrow. recess for 15, and discuss details later

  22. Is Jesus the janitor?

  23. i get soo scared….excuse, could you pass the cock?

  24. I think Jesus is probably some sort of assisted-living carer.

  25. That would have been witty, but the song is by Tegan and Sara, who are lesbians.

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