Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smart Moves

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  1. Ironing a shirt while wearing it? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus!

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I wonder if Logan’s boss is on his facebook or if he was stupid enough to do the shots in front of his boss.

    Rhiannon??? At least there is no anosognosia on Ashley’s part.

    Danielle, You gotta pull the shirt away from your skin before you iron. Now try that again.

    Haha Ads is stupid.

  3. I wish I was more like Ashley. Dumb, and totally ok with it

  4. Ashley spelt ‘damn’ and ‘dumb’ correctly; I expected less from her.

  5. They actually put warnings on irons that you are not supposed iron things while wearing them and I always wondered why…now I know

  6. Some of these made me chuckle. But mostly feel sorry for our race as a whole. I think this page is sole proof that natural selection no longer happens.

  7. Rhiannon, stronger than Ritalin but only halve the calories.

    Danielle, assuming you’re a US citizen and given ksleeves’ revelation, you can forget about suing.

    David, if your humor got any dryer it could pass for a 80 year old crumpet.

  8. I liked David’s sarcastic comment.

  9. what a memorable picture, two people looking at a phone in front of a for sale sign. you can’t blame ads for wanting to know exactly when this momentous occasion took place.

    also, all three of them in that last pic need to iron their shirts, scruffy tossers.

  10. Danielle, you are not alone. I’ve done exactly the same thing. And I burned myself, too. I fucking despise ironing. I’m so glad God invented jeans and dry cleaning.

  11. ‘HaHaHa!!…. Remember that time we went out and I asked for a cigarette?!’

    ‘Oh yeah, wasn’t that the time I had my phone with me?!’

    Fucking fuckpig fuckwits.

    P.S. vincent Also please note absence of belt on stripy shirted scruffy tosser.

  12. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Ashley is as dumb as hell. But she’s just smart enough to know that she’s as dumb as hell, which must be a torment for her: like looking in through a window at a really cool party. I have some sympathy for her: she uses self-deprecating humor to hide the fact that the self-knowledge of her dumbassery is tearing her apart inside.

    Danielle is just pretending to be dumb for comedy value. She failed.

  13. Don’t worry too much about her doctor at least Ashley will get a lot of attention from men… I mean who doesn’t want to dump their spunk reservoir on a girl who can barely spell her own name and laughs at jokes without ever understanding them?

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