Monday, September 9, 2013


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  1. Well OP certainly is an ungrateful little bastard.

  2. Looks like she was making sure it was ok.

  3. Well. At least it wasn’t grilled.
    A couple of love taps with a bar of soap in a sock should clear that forgetfulness right up.

  4. A couple of years ago my husband pissed me off as I was making his lunch so between the cheese and the ham I put a little note that said asshole. To this day his coworkers still talk about the asshole sandwich. Also, he has never asked me to make his lunch again.

  5. ^ Great story.
    Also, OP was dumb enough to bite into it even though it was still obviously wrapped.

  6. ^He was driving, moron.

  7. ^ Maybe but look at how big the bite of the sandwich is compared to the little bite of cheese. He/she noticed before they took a bite, just did this for the lolz.

  8. Or, maybe he pulled in the cheese, to show us. That explains the bite-mark in the cheese is much smaller, than the bite-mark in the sandwich.

    Now please go and kill yourself. You’re a disgrace. Everybody hates you.

  9. I don’t hate StupidDane. I fucking hate Stever though. The prick.

  10. Carib, that still makes him stupid to bite into it. I’m sure you could look at what you eat, even if it’s a tiny glance and notice that there’s something wrong with it. Besides, it’s not good to eat, drive, and take a photo of it at the same time.

  11. ^Assuming that he/she actually did bite it…

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  13. I’m sick of you spreading lies about Alan, Linda.

  14. Shut the fuck up.

  15. This reminds me of when I gave my seventy third wife an unexpected mouthful of cheese!

    Although to be fair it looked more like cottage cheese then this…. Same shade of yellow though.

    As an aside… what type of cunt is satisfied by that pitiful excuse for a sandwich at lunch? I personally eat three endangered pandas in ciabbata for my lunch.

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