Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smoothing Things Out

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  1. He was looking for wiener polish.

  2. What a let down. All those words, for that?

  3. I know… I bet it took longer to read than to happen.

  4. That’s the same way I choose my women. ZING!

  5. ^ Now that’s funny

  6. The only funny thing on this page is the ad for mature dating. Funny and hot.

  7. Yeah, it actually kept me semi-interested, but could have ended better a hundred different ways. Fuck you, OP. Fuck you for making me read that.

  8. Gonzo you know the ads on this website are derived from association to your history right? Thus somebody has been on mature dating on your computer. Someone has been looking at GRANNY PORN

  9. I dont read anything that is fake.

  10. My ad is for customizable posters…. What the hell does that have to do with my browsing history?

  11. Hackyoshit, are you that fake and stupid?

  12. Yes…because I am a robot…..and I have a robot vagina. Pew…pew …..*powers down


  14. I got an ad for a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.

  15. radioguy:

    So Lamebook accesses my browser history via my computer’s wi-fi connection, beams the info to a little guy sitting in the tree stump in Romania, who then matches it up to valuable marketings, and beams the mature dating info back for my eyes to see?

    Correlation does not equal causation. Besides, older can be better.

  16. Gonzo, please tell me you’re trolling? If not, go google ‘third party cookies’. And while you’re there, read google’s “privacy” policy.

  17. Why would you go to the body shop of all places to buy moisturiser if you didn’t give a shit what type you bought?

  18. and just wtf fuck is wrong with granny pr0n, radioguy?
    you’re gonna make teeko cry, you inconsiderate prick.

  19. yeah, i said fuck twice. but in my defense I was extremely faux angry on teeko’s behalf.

  20. Who’s ‘Trolling’? Sounds Scandinavian. I hate those laid-back dicks.

  21. ^well now you’re just being racist.

    And MsAnne, you can never have too many fucks.

  22. yes. that’s true, frankenstein.
    you can never have too many fucks. and yet I still rarely give one.

  23. Weak. Lame.

  24. Msanne, you had me at “faux angry” but comment 23 makes you, without a doubt, my hero of the day! Great Job Kid, now go get yourself something nice.

  25. Woooh hang on there a wee second. I get those mature dating ads too. And I promise you I aint looking at granny porn. Go suck it.

  26. I did that to those annoying mall kiosk people that hand out those samples of cream and then won’t let you alone until you buy their stuff.

    But I pretended to squeeze the sample of lotion into my mouth, shook my head saying, “No way this is disgusting!”

  27. ^pop your hands down your kecks and start masturbating with it next time.
    see what happens then. I bet they’d be quite keen for you to move on…

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