Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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  1. Stacy’s anal thunder beads are purple.

  2. For some reason I find myself wondering if 9 fucked Stacy… or her Nan? I’m sure we’ll hear either way. Just shoot me now.

  3. Nan’s doggy must have a cunt the size of an elephants arsehole.

  4. The double anal bead sales must be down in the sex toy shops. They are re-marketing them to the dog toy buying crowd.

  5. Looks like a dog toy to me. Only reason I knew that it could be mistaken for anal beads is because of you pillow biting poo stabbers.

  6. Fake.

  7. Dirty beast.

  8. this makes me very sad for reasons that none of you bastards could possibly comprehend.
    RIP b0g. 🙁
    wool, you’re still the worst cunt in the world.

  9. @4, I’ve also seen vibrators marketed to old people as back-massage devices. They had two speeds and came in two sizes: 6 or 9 inch.

  10. I fucked Wes.

  11. People here on lamebook appear to be vary familiar with anal beads…

  12. this isn’t fake. it is a dog toy, the kong safe stick.
    we got them into the store where i work and everyone had a good laugh about how ridiculous they look.
    they sold like hotcakes.

  13. ‘safe stick’. because real sticks are too fucking dangerous for dogs now?
    I missed the memo that said dogs are now bred to be retarded.

  14. ^ Did you get the one that said dog owners are retarded?

  15. ^I already knew that.

  16. I waited for it all day with anticipation, and now I find out 9 fucked Wes. Now he’s a gay robot. That’s (un)interesting. And so is my comment…

  17. ^ TRUTH! On Lamebook! Even T1000 has to agree!

  18. I know when I’m beat. Assclown.

  19. gosh, isn’t teeko excited?

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