Friday, July 31, 2009

Ahhh… The Great Outdoors


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  1. If this guy was actually out at a camp then yeah I understand, but don’t fucking post it on facebook.

  2. Yeah I mean who are we kidding? Everyone does it, but you can feel free to keep it yourself.

  3. And it’s all girls that commented… awkward.

  4. depresstionwhtdoseitmean

    Do people actually use lotion? Have I missed out on a trick here?

  5. I think I might like this camp. Camp Good Days indeed.

  6. Obviously depresstionwhtdoseitmean has not missed out on penis burns

  7. depresstionwhtdoseitmean

    You mean it’s not supposed to chafe? Damn.

  8. OMG, TMI for Facebook!

  9. It might surprise some to realize that women are often greater consumers of porn than men.

  10. Chairman Mao: It would surprise no one to learn that you are an annoying & pretentious douche-gasm.

  11. ha joe stalin FTW

  12. Joe Stalin is obviously a descendant of Josef Stalin, a family who believes telling the truth makes one a douche-gasm.

  13. Correction: Joe Stalin is obviously one of the many people who believes pointing out the obvious (which is, granted, often the truth) makes one a ‘douche-gasm’, and is tired of Chairman Mao’s presence on this site.

  14. Chairman Mao: I am suprised tell me more.

    how long are you jacking off for that you get penis burns.

    jacking off, man that phrase sounds horrible.

  15. Masturbation is not something you should be embarrassed about. It is practiced by all healthy adults. Yes, as a child, you may find it humiliating to admit to your peers that you engage in self-love–even up through your adolescence. Children are often cruel and despite engaging in similar behavior, will pounce on the opportunity to find somebody to release their volatile emotions. But, by the time you reach college—and I do hope you make attending college an important milestone of your life—sexual activity will be discussed in a much more open-minded environment and it will be considered normal for you to let your friends and contemporaries know about your own masturbation.

  16. Mao has a point. I’m sure he regularly posts updates about his masturbation schedule. Obviously, it’s people who don’t post about wanking who are mentally deficient.

  17. Er, I thought the point of the mock was that “camping” should not include technology but rather be about the exclusion and escaping of technology, in order to explore and encounter this wonderful little thing called “nature”. Unless that wasn’t the original intent of the mocking, in which case I shall go away and mourn for the future of humanity (if the young kids of today can’t even “get” camping).

  18. Its like warm apple pie….

  19. The great outdoors is what dryads say in World of Warcraft! It`s stolen from there!

  20. 19: Are you serious? You know its a common phrase, right?

  21. Lol @ 20, a valid point!

  22. I laughed harder at 19/Elf than the actual post. Hurrah.

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