Friday, July 31, 2009

Coming Soon to a News Feed Near You

Coming Soon

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  1. i want to read more!

  2. What-am-I-doing-here?

    Like sands through the hourglass, these are the douchebags of our lives.

  3. Trying to figure out… is this an argument between lesbians? Alex and Shawn are both ambiguous names, and Tayshia? Is one of them a guy? I don’t think so. Can anyone else figure it out?

  4. I weep for the pure gold that must be hidden under the unexpanded “read more”s.

  5. “the mysteriously missing stuff”

    oooh, I’m so damn curious! Somebody post more of this!

  6. This sounds like a bad episode of Lost gone wrong.

  7. At least it’s written in readable English.

  8. I agree with Jakke. Usually something like this would be written in that language that apparently pre-teens and people with IQs of less that 70 know.

    For example, and exerpt from above:

    Yet, everytime I told you that I had them, you said “I will stop by your room and get them later, I am busy now.” So I waited, and you never got them. And I never wanted to borrow those movies, I don’t even like Mulan Rouge, you left them at my house.

    Would “normally” read:

    Fuk u bitch evrytime I told u I had them, u said I will stop by ur room and get themm later I am fukin busy. So i waited and u never showd up. ***BITCH*** and I never wanted to borrow that shit newayz, fucking chik fliks, u left it at me hoose.

  9. Please!!! Will the submitter of this post more? We are begging…

  10. Mulan Rouge? That must be the one where the brave Chinese girl experiences the decadence of Paris… kind of the opposite of Lady Chatterley I guess.

  11. Crapmatic — Ha ha! I thought the same thing, but you verbalized it beautifully!

  12. LOL @ Lame, although I doubt they would have capitalized at the beginning of sentences like that. A bit too proper even.

  13. i’m hooked… MORE!!

  14. I think harping on the spelling and grammar of people on the internet is a boorish pastime. As these are not published articles or even specialized blog posts, there really is no need to conduct a Grammar Inquisition unless you truly do not have any more insight into the matter aside from pointing out mundane typographical errors. You could just as easily analyze the allegory of this thread to Euripides’s Bacchae.

  15. wow, drama drama drama, there’s people in the world with real problems

  16. What are some of you talking about, no one is talking about their grammar.

  17. Someone might wanna tell them about the “Compose message” button.

  18. good stuff, what kinda car does this manshe drive?

  19. But the real question is: Who is the more lame? I can’t figure it out. They must have had a fucking lovely relationship.

  20. Chairman Mao:

    Failing to utilize your (presumably) native language in the correct manner just makes you look like a lazy dumbass. It’s like combing your hair and putting on deodorant before you go out in the morning. It’s just basic shit that people are expected to do if you don’t want to look like a brain damaged slob.

    And are you truly suggesting that this pastime is “uncouth in manners or appearance” or that engaging in it “implies rudeness of manner due to insensitiveness to others’ feelings and unwillingness to be agreeable”? Boorish really isn’t the most appropriate word for this context. ;D

  21. Ah, I get it now. I’m new to Lamebook and haven’t seen any of the Chairman’s previous comments. Didn’t realize this dude’s claim to fame was being a complete and utter funsucker.

  22. Chairman Mayonnaise should burn his thesaurus because it’s clearly not helping him in his obvious quest to appear smarter than he actually is.

    Down – with – Mayo!!! Down – with – Mayo!!!

  23. Candy Blackmail

    Crapmatic ftw 🙂

  24. Geeeeez, she doesn’t even LIKE Mulan Rouge.

  25. Assuming “Shawn” is a dude and “Ally/Alex” is a girl, should I be worried that Shawn is in possession of Ally/Alex’s leggings? O_O

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