Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Life Kicks Your Ass

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  1. 1. Either self-submitting and taking the piss, or he has friends with itchy trigger fingers.

    2. It’s her Adam’s apple.

    3. Fuck dude. Seriously? Flash off for a duck face mirror shot. Cute scarf though.

  2. Fuck you on about Adam’s apple? It’s clearly not.


  4. Last guy must be gay

  5. bleachbaby, you’re an idiot. A deadset idiot.

  6. that IS a nice scarf…

  7. People like this are exactly why I want to leave this planet.

  8. Maybe the second photo is the extremely gay guy’s tattoo in the third, and the one on top I’ll say is his boyfriend just because I don’t want to leave anyone out.

  9. Given the news surrounding the USA marines currently it seems intelligence is not a high priority…

    As for 3rd photo.yep def poof

  10. HAHAHAHAAAAAA at bleachbaby you funny little penis.

  11. 1. It’s buddys you dumn ass.
    2. Noice
    3. I don’t get it. Why is it funny?

  12. Spelling is not the major requirement for potential American Marines, so our resident Countdown champion here should breeze through the test.

    All he really needs to be able to do is spot the difference between an enemy base of operations and a hospital or tell a large concentration of enemy vehicles from a Red Cross convoy…

  13. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    that’s why the evildoers hide their weapons and explosives in (Red Cross/cresent) ambulances and hospitals.

  14. Fuck me, given the track record the last place evildoers should want to hide their weapons and explosives is in ambulances and hospitals. They’d be much safer hidden in a fucking cave with a large neon sign over the entrance saying ‘Evildoers Secret Hidden Cave of Weapons and Explosives’…

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  17. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Fortunately, evildoers aren’t that smart.

  18. How can it be her Adam’s Apple? Only guys have them. And you can clearly see her underwear in the shot.

  19. ^ Could someone please beat StChad? Mercilessly?

  20. ^ I will. *cracks knuckles*

  21. Brynn had to get this tattoo on her ass….she already has her brother’s name tattooed on the inside of her lip.

  22. ^ Haha! Thanks for the visual, Greeneyed =)

    And thank you, Disturbed. Just watch you don’t get shit on your hands. I reckon StChad will be a splattery one.

  23. Pussy ass tiny band tattoo…thats like wearing a womens tennis bracelet.

  24. pic#1. I got my fingers crossed for ya, buddy. Because the sooner you get deployed to some sun&sand-blasted hellhole where the angry locals can take potshots at your head, the better off our planet will be.

    pic#2. See comment #1. And that goes double for adam.

    pic#3. See comment #1.

  25. Why all the anger towards the gay guy? It’s not like he has something truly atrocious, like a Southern Cross tattoo (or the American equivalent, which I guess would be the Confederate flag).

  26. ^which one is gay?

  27. Could she have gotten that tat any bigger? Stupid bitch ruined what looks like a pretty nice ass. I feel for the next guy who fucks that once appealing ass. That would be very off-putting. And there will be a next guy, no doubt about that.

  28. ^I don’t understand why you’d bother making a troll account (dedicated to someone far superior to yourself, btw) to just post this boring, witless, hackneyed garbage? Why not instead consider fucking off and dying quietly, fake wordpervert?

  29. Nice pick-up. I thought word was just a bit off her game.

  30. It is the real me. You know it is, Ms. Granted, it wasn’t my finest hour, but come on, all days can’t be diamonds, guys.

  31. ^dammit. i thought I had it straightened out. That other fucker must have changed its youtube link. Or something. Perhaps I’m high on my face on bong joints?

  32. I changed mine. Last time I looked, his was a Rick Roll YouTube dead link. The trick is in the avatar boxes. Everyone has one even if they don’t have an avatar. If you highlight someone’s name, the avi boxes appear and when you right click on it, there’s a letter/number sequence that’s unique to every user (connected to their email, I think). You can’t do it through Chrome, but you can through other browsers like IE. Sounds like a lot of fucking work, I know, but for those still remotely curious, that’s the way to tell who’s who. Sobchak showed us that little trick a while back when the name-stealing was rife. I’m jealous that you’re stoned and I’m not, by the way. Have a good night.

  33. I just mouse over your name and the last 2 characters in the youtube link used to be t8…and now they are ‘ew’.

  34. Ha ha, didn’t notice that one. Somewhat unfortunate for The Black Keys, but this new one is definitely not ew. Read an article today in Rolling Stone where their lead singer had said something derogatory about Nickelback (as one does), but then apologised. Loved the apology: “There’s much worse bands than Nickelback, maybe.”

  35. Yeah, I use the youtube link as well. The fake word‘s youtube link had a 3 at the end, I believe…?

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