Friday, July 31, 2009

RanDUMB, Indeed


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  1. Busted……

  2. His head looks like a velociraptor

  3. i wonder if his mom’s the 420-friendly type? LOL

  4. This is dumb haha. I will say that looks like a pretty solid rip though. Reminds me of my gravity bong days.

  5. This isn’t lame. It’s just the coolest thing ever to be a stoner who still lives with your mum.

  6. The father’s probably Hellboy.

  7. depresstionwhtdoseitmean

    I want to know if his Mother is using her daughter’s account, or if she always feels the need to introduce herself around the house.

    “Mom here: Supper’s ready!! Over and out.”

  8. I’m surprised no one’s commented on his album name yet..



  9. I think mom thinks that’s just cigarette smoke.

  10. he looks more like – “Puff the Magic Dragon”

  11. According to my proffesional opinion that is not weed smoke.

  12. Mom’s are awesome, they know the difference between your and you’re.

  13. Alec, they usually know how to use apostrophes too.

  14. pwned

  15. The fact of the matter is that this child is engaging in behavior that is against the house rules as layed down by his mother and/or father (if one should exist). Until he is old enough or saves up enough money to move out of the house, he should respect the wishes of those who pay the bills and put food on his plate. Otherwise, he is deserving of the lame label that he has been awarded.

  16. Mao, why is it you insist on pointing out the fucking obvious? This site was brilliant until you came along and started trying to explain every picture.

  17. International July 31st, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    According to my proffesional opinion that is not weed smoke.

    your “professional opinion” doesnt sound too professional. who the hell takes a rip like that off a cigarette?

  18. i’m scared, not because of the cloud of smoke kid is exhailing, but of his mother having a Facebook account. Now that’s scary.

  19. mao,
    i’ve read 3 of your comments today. all annoying

  20. looks like a hookah.

  21. Charlie

    I never said it was a cigarette. Also, shut up with your english class bullshit.


    I doubt its a hookah since it seems like smoking is disliked in the house to begin with, so hiding a hookah (or a hooker for that matter) in his room might be tough.

  22. The original point still stands, moot. A point in which you have yet to provide a logical rebuttal against in order to invalidate it. As it is, this child should learn that in the real world, his subordination will carry much greater penalties than being confined to his room (for which he has no problem to begin with) or other trite punishments as washing the dog and taking out the trash.

  23. We all like to mock these people for having no common sense, but we usually do it in an amusing way. Mao has gone to far and thinks he’s Gandhi.

  24. I think Mao is just fuckin with yall

  25. hmmmmm. gina you mean different people have different senses of humor NO! everyone laughs at the same thing NO EXCEPTIONS. (applause)

  26. why would your own Mother start a message on your facebook with “mom here”…

    oh that’s right, she wouldnt… cos … its… an


  27. Douche’s skills of logical deduction may have unraveled another layer to this story. Stay tuned, Mr. Miyagi.

    Josh, I appreciate the comparison to such an inspiration as Gandhi, but even I, in my Socratic humbleness, would not even think I could emulate such a figure as him.

  28. Salvia smoke.

  29. Candy Blackmail

    As if Mom doesn’t smell the smoke when she goes in his room to pick up his underwear off the floor and yell at him to quit watching so much pr0n.

  30. No its your room mum!!

  31. thought I was looking at a fire extinguisher at first

  32. that aint weed . . that aint hookah . . its a meth cloud. nothing blows that thick except meth.

  33. definitely a meth cloud…

  34. Definitely meth

  35. I agree.. it is meth.. looks like someone’s doing hotrails.

  36. Plus… only tweekers are proud of their smoke clouds.

  37. True dat.

  38. When are people gonna learn NEVER to add your parents? — seriously wtf.

  39. ps: I’ve seen pot smoke that thick, but only from parachutes or that water bottle and bucket thingamajig that I can’t remember what it’s called cause I quit pot like 3 years ago.

  40. lulz hits from the bong

  41. I seriously love how thick the smoke is. Sure, it’s because the kid isn’t taking anything back – but still, it looks cool.

  42. Is it at all odd that the smoke was the third thing I noticed? The first was the Dead Kennedys poster in the background. The second was my assumption that he was wanking.

  43. Wow–posting a picture of you smoking meth for your mom to see. wtf.

  44. After extensive research, I can definitely say that is meth. I wonder if the mom has any clue.

  45. lovemesomeravens

    smoking meth, which is exactly what he is doing in this pic is the dumbest thing anyone can do. That ruins ur life!

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