Friday, July 31, 2009

What the Hell is That?

What the Hell

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  1. Some parents are morons.

    Here’s the lesson kid: using the toilet is entertainment for others and your every crap will be like gold.

    Good luck children of this generation!

  2. a milestone?

  3. I agree with Mike….not a cause for celebration

  4. Get the fuck off Facebook and shoot yourself in the face with a staple gun until you bleed to death.

    That’d be an event worthy of a “Yayyyyy!!!!!”.

  5. Holy crap, Ben. Please don’t procreate.

    Still, not a milestone.

  6. i have a child of my own and YES to a parent these are milestones, you HAVE to have a child to understand but its another thing to share it with the world and somewhat humiliate your own child without them realizing. This parent is a complete moron and she SHOULD be posted on
    seriously thats a site! check it out!

  7. hilarious – That’s hilarious.

  8. Did anyone notice that the kid shat paper?

  9. depresstionwhtdoseitmean

    The two people that ‘Liked’ this need to be either called in for questioning, or have their ‘Like’ button disabled. They’re clearly either disturbed or over-zealous likers.

  10. It reminds me of pictures of fishers after they land a large catch.

  11. The asinine comments of people attempting to ridicule the original lamebook posts on this site are often funnier in either a pot/kettle or an ironic way (@ Ben).

    It’s like watching the Theatre of the Absurd.

  12. Why is this lame? He peed in the potty big deal

  13. The stuff in the potty is white…?

  14. Many, if not all of you, have not received the magical gift of child, and so you do not have the necessary life experience to understand the reward in watching your genetic offspring accomplish even the most simple of tasks. Yes, we take for granted the act of defecation, but in this case, the child has for the first time learnt a life lesson that he will take unto his grave. As a parent, seeing your child advance in life is the greatest gift that any man, beast, or deity can give you.

  15. good job. You’re just like everyone else now.

  16. Chairman Mao you’re a complete MORON. Lets now compare the act of SHITTING to a BEAST OR DEITY. whats wrong with you

  17. Chairman Mao – The next time you think about saying something, just don’t. You’re completely missing the point which is: You can be happy about your child learning to shit out paper in the right place if you so choose, but the rest of the world doesn’t want/need/care to hear about your child doing something that 5-6 billion people around the world can already do.

  18. fuckyouit'smagic

    Chairman Mao, here’s hoping you receive the magical gift of a vasectomy.

  19. What makes throwing some paper in a potty a milestone event? I can do that, too. Hell, I’ll go and throw some Bounty right in the trash can and post photos about it. WTF?

  20. that aint chocolate, ITS DOODOO BABY!

  21. Rick, you must understand that these posts are being taken out of context and even more importantly, that the privacies of these families are being invaded upon by those whom they should trust the most. Yes, in many cases these people do not understand the complexities of the Internet and that sharing so much information with the world is not the brightest of ideas. The supposed anonymity of this cyberworld we engage in is slowly disappearing and being replaced with a hyperlocal and hyperbranded sense of each person. If you are on the Internet, you are everywhere and you are accessible. However, Facebook does have privacy settings and those who have submitted this particular photo are considered “friends” of the family. So, if we are truly to award the label of “Lame” to an individual, it should be the traitor who has exposed this child to a lifetime of scrutiny. (Yes, there is software available to remove the pixelation–we must understand that technology is not our friend, it is truly our enemy)

  22. Mao the government is coming to get you using your computer turn it off!
    The worst part of this picture is that it’s the only one in the album so in her life this really is a milestone event.

  23. MAO FTW

  24. What’s the problem, I shit paper too.

    Parents who post things such as this online should be subjected to very, very, profane use of language to help shed light on the absurdity that is “poopy in the potty”.

    You are stupid, and congratulations, your child is now addicted to methamphetamine.

  25. i think he shat a toy…..or a very small person?

  26. Candy Blackmail

    The small blessing is that the kid can return the favor when mom reaches the milestone of making it to the crapper in time someday.

  27. Dear Non-Breeders,
    The milestone is that the person posting the announcement no longer has to clean shit up everyday.

    This is truly worthy of a “Yay!”

    However, posting a picture of it is only worthy of a place on as mentioned above by hilarious.

    FWIW, I think Chairman Mao is consistantly hilarious and brilliant on this site. Probably because he’s not just posting the same “OMG that is LAME, RAOTFLMAO! HAHAHAHAHAH what a tard!” fare that is usually in the comments.

    Peace, Love and Puppies to you all!

  28. Some people need to do the honourable thing and just kill themselves because this can’t continue any longer.


  29. This post makes me hate all parents of the world.

  30. He shit on the ground and not in his pants this time…he just threw the toilet paper in the trach…or what he though was the lil trash can his mum always tries to make him sit on!!!

  31. Fucking parents. Is there nothing in their lives but watching things shit?
    What do you expect, though, from someone who owns Crocs?

  32. I don’t think it’s this bad. It’s not like the parents are the ones that posted this up here. I’d post stuff like this when my kid grows up I’m sure, but I only have family + friends who can see these pics.

  33. what fucked up idiot mother would post something like that for the world to see? your son is going to hate you when he grows up!!

  34. If I had a kid that pooped silver, i’d be celebrating too!

  35. Again:

    Milestone and private celebration = yes.
    Publish to facebook and the world = NO.

  36. Chairman Mao is a legend! Makes me laugh more than the posts on here half the time!

  37. WOW! Please note that not all your friends are PARENTS and even if they were, this wouldn’t excite them. We understand that it’s YOUR profile and you feel like posting ANYthing,but we’d appreciate if you were just a LITTLE considerate of us. THANK YOU.

  38. I fucking hate parents. Keep this shit off Facebook. Nobody else in their right mind wants to see your filthy child or its shit.

  39. Remember all the white dog crap we used to see on the streets? It was because they used ash as filler in dog food.
    These parents are feeding their child ash.

  40. Just a guess… but the white stuff is probably toilet paper. Maybe the kid just peed, or at least the TP is covering the doodie.

    At any rate, I agree with the rest of you… keep this shit in the baby books, and off of FB! Ew.

  41. I wanna use Heather’s doodie for toothpaste.

  42. I want to be a stripper.

    seriously, Chairman Mao is absolutely ftw!

    i love how he just tells it as it is and pisses everyone off, ppl just need to chill, if you’re on lamebook it’s most likely because you want to see something lame etc and Chairman Mao’s humour is extremely lame so there you go, it’s a double win!

  43. Even if this wasn’t unbelievably tasteless to begin with having the child squat down next to the potty while you take the picture would certainly make it so. And no, you do not HAVE to be a parent to understand how exciting this moment must be to his mother, but she should at least have enough class to PICK UP THE PHONE and call her mother and possible a sister as they are the only people who actually might give a crap. When this kid is in his teens and all his mother’s friends are still reminding him of how they saw his first “Poo poo in the potty” he is going to start fantasizing about stabbing his mother in her sleep.

  44. I love shanemanic’s comments and I agree with this one completely.

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