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  1. 1!

  2. I wrote a book too. Spoiler alert: JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, and Francine Pascal (amongst other cheesies) are all shot!

  3. I didn’t even read this entire post.

    But I am so sick and tired of people bashing on Twilight when they love Harry Potter.

    I don’t like either one, I never could get into Harry Potter. It’s a different kind of fad, with a different group of people. I am not sure why Harry Potter fans feel like they are superior, it’s a book about wizards.

  4. JK Rowling lives in a castle?

    Personally, I don’t think women should write books. Obviously we aren’t good at it.

  5. There are better authors out there than JK sodding Rowling…

  6. Dayna is not clever. A comedian tweeted that, I believe. Just sayin. *shrug*

  7. RT @Lord_Voldemort7 As if Stephenie Meyer wasn’t bad enough, now Snooki is writing a book. Somewhere in Scotland JK Rowling is sitting in a castle & weeping.

    Original. LOLOLOLOLOL

  8. @6 I do believe Lord_Voldemort7 also tweeted that.

    Dayna is just copasta’ing shit.

  9. suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck itttttttttttttttttttt

  10. This is a pure copy…



  11. If effing JK Rowling is now considered some kind of paramount people aspire to, I seriously quit everything. On my desk right now are Homer, Dante, Doyle, Tolkein, and Hammett, and I am burning every single one of them and never reading again.


  12. I agree that there are better writers then JK Rowling, maybe not as entertaining. The only reason that twilight and Harry Potter are even compare is because of their fandom. I’m also in the believe that unless you read both series, you can’t really have an opinion of which one is better. If you still think that Twilight is surperior (purely judging on writing and plot develoment)…then you have issues.

  13. MsBuzzkillington, I’m gonna stand up and admit I kinda like the Harry Potter series, and don’t much like the Twilight one. But for me it’s more because I’m not really into the romance thing she’s got going on there.

    And to be fair, I’d much prefer to read Twilight than the insufferable bell-ends who apparently despise it yet won’t shut the fuck up about all the elaborate details of it that they hate, that have already been brought up a billion times already. Vampires shouldn’t sparkle, and so Edward Cullen’s a bit camp? Oh, fuck, what a fucking dazzlingly original observation, you enormous twat.

  14. “If effing JK Rowling is now considered some kind of paramount people aspire to, I seriously quit everything.”

    Seriously. I can’t say which series is better, because I’ve only read Harry Potter. Well, not even the whole thing because after the fourth one, they suck royal balls. And even the first four aren’t anything special.

    And like others have said, it’s a totally unoriginal status. And wasn’t even funny the first time around.

  15. For those of you pissing and moaning about JK Rowling’s writing, you realise, of course, the only reason she was mentioned in the first place is because of where there Tweet originated from?
    Fucking idiots. No one is trying to place her on literary pedestal so stop pretending you’re some kind of scholar (Alict) because you’ve never read Harry Potter or Twilight.
    You’re still shitting away your time on the Internet like every other asshole.

    Get over yourselves.

  16. Yeah to be fair, if you’re gonna judge JK Rowling cos she’s done a book about wizards and magic, you can hardly proclaim Tolkein as one of the great literary geniuses in the same breath.

  17. Okay, the constant hating on Twilight and Jersey shore is kinda getting annoying and lame. ESPECIALLY when it’s the same damn unfunny jokes over and over again.. This was not funny at all..

    @lovelyverity I totally agree with you there

  18. Not to mention the fact that what is “good” or “bad” is the decision of the reader. Personally, I think Tolkein is shite but I don’t read his work so who gives a fart?

  19. Neither Harry Potter or Twilight are sophisticated, neither is genius work. However, Harry Potter, when you put the fantasy aspects aside, is about friendship, and standing alongside your truest friends against everything.

    Twilight, conversely, is a romance novel first and foremost, and while that in and of itself is not a bad thing, the WAY it deals with romance is rather gross in that “stalking is the highest form of flattery” kind of way. Like, seriously, I wouldn’t say the couple of relationships in Harry Potter were ideal, but boy who takes the engine out of your car isn’t being romantic, he’s showing the not-so-early signs of being a domestic abuser.

    Not to mention that Stephanie Meyer’s puritanical view of sex is ridiculous at best.

    “Girls, if a boy likes glitter and won’t have sex with you, he’s not a vampire, he’s gay.”

  20. Harry Potter is about a lot of things, but mainly the fact that Alan Rickman is fucking awesome.

  21. “Hello, This is Alan Rickman”

  22. Gotta admit. I would rather taste Harry’s polyjuice than Edward’s glitter.

  23. I’ve read both, twilight was okay, easy reading just whatevs. Harry Potter was frickin fantastic. It may have been geared toward young adults and not some literary classic like Moby Dick, but the story wad driving, exciting, creative…just awesome.
    I know not everyones going to agree on that, some people don’t like it at all, but shit people don’t act like it’s beneath you. Bragging about having Tolkien and Dante on your desk while bitching about HP on lamebook?? WTF.

  24. Was*

  25. I’m with Hobo, Alan Rickman is an awesome actor only goos part of Robin Hood, and amazing in truly madly deeply.

  26. *good*

  27. I love Harry Potter, but JK Rowling cannot write well. She has the imagination to be a writer but not the skill.

  28. I quite like Harry Potter. I mean it’s not profound or anything, but the writing style is nice and fluid, and the jokes are damn funny. I wouldn’t put it in the realm of Tolkien and the like, but I wouldn’t dismiss it on account of the topic either. Although, to be fair, the last time I read the earlier books I must have been quite young, about 12 or so, and my memory might be a bit biased.

    The fact that Twilight is shit is *understood*, I’m assuming.

  29. Alan Rickman is quite awesome and the only reason to see the HP movies.

    But the constant mocking of Twilight is sooooo played out. I don’t know anything about it other than sparkly vampires and that people like to think they’re cool by mocking it. Boring.

  30. Where did I say I disliked Rowling’s subject matter? I dislike her because she’s a crappy writer, and I hate her because she’s so, so famous for being so, so mediocre. Tolkein was a linguistic master and a good technical writer (though he has a tendency to ramble and be longwinded, especially when he gets into backstories, which gets really trying).

    I actually think if you google the phrase “deus ex machina,” you just get a giant picture of JK Rowling.

    But like I said, it’s pretty much nerdrage and I could go on forever. xP

  31. Although, personally, I am a bit disturbed by Twilight. With Edward’s right man syndrome, abusive, stalker-ish creepiness. And Bella (and all the other females) having no power whatsoever.

    Though I don’t know why people would compare Twilight with Harry Potter. Like every book, they both have their flaws and assets and it would overall depend on your style of books.

  32. JK Rowling is a genius. Look what she DID.Seriously. Most people can’t write a readable comment on a lame webpage like this one. Twilight definitely benefited from Rowling’s success in the Young Adult Fantasy genre. If you don’t like it, you are probably a humorless or jealous. Comparing her to Tolkien? Really? Is that all you have? She was a young single mother who wrote it by herself and made an entire universe and didn’t rely on romance novel bull*hit that appeals to people who only read the books because of the stas in the movies.
    Twilight is so bad because it has an OBNOXIOUS protagonist and endless adolescent whining in it. And the fourth book was just appallingly stupid. Can’t wait to see the “childbirth” scene on screen. To make it WORSE, they found an actress even MORE annoying to play “Bella.”
    And “deus ex machina” isn’t all OVER Twilight?How many clairvoyant, glittering flying, super strong vampires have you ever read about? Vampires are fu#king vampires. She took enormous license even in THAT fantasy. And even in a dream universe where vampires and werewolves exist it is really convenient that they all live in the same town and are suddenly enemies? Since when? I could go on but I just realized I have a life.

  33. @reproachfulrabbit: You have a life? Could’ve fooled me. Lighten up a bit.

  34. I love Tolkien and I’ve read HP and Twilight when they came so highly recommended. HP was designed for children, and while not particularly awesome, it did it’s job and did it decently. I’m not a huge fan of her work by any means; I just can’t expect her to stand to higher standards than her writing was intended for – hardly just.

    Twilight was a waste of my money. It has every poor quality a book series could have, including the fact that it became a series. Junk.

  35. Either way this snooki crap sounds like utter garbage, something you might read whilst taking a shit if it happened to be in the bathroom. Not fun to talk about either. :/
    So favorite books? Mine would be It, Misery, The Three Musketeers, Harry Potter series, The Name of the Wind, The Book of the Dun Cow, and The LOTR trilogy. πŸ™‚

  36. Also. Tolkien. Not Tolkein.

  37. “but shit people don’t act like it’s beneath you”

    yeah, but it is beneath me though. We’re not the same, it’s OK for you to enjoy it but I get restless reading material like that in my serious reading time. I read HP as a child (obviously not the later books because they didn’t exist then), I don’t want to read the same books in my twenties that I read in my pre-teens. I’m with Alict on this. Sure I goof around and party a lot and waste time on the internet, but when it comes to serious literature I’m serious and nerdy about it. I get no pleasure from reading HP and Twilight.

    In contrast though, my movie taste is different. I liked the movies! Esp HP πŸ™‚

  38. … and Twilight. There’s only so much suspension of disbelief a person can take. I was OK with vampires, and all that shit, but not that he refused to sleep with her until marriage (in the 21st century). That made me throw my pop-corn at the screen.

  39. @Saffer you have to remember that Stephanie Meyer is mormon and raised strictly so the premarital sex was probably too much for her

  40. Thanks confuzled I’ve actually never read about her or her background. Makes sense, I want my wasted popcorn back!

  41. @36 Whatever, i be token to this shit.

    @39: She wrote a book about necrophilia and beastiality… so premarital is too much? (I know the comment is ripped from somewhere else, sorry).

    But anyway: Thank you Snooki. You are going to single handedly lower the intelligence of the United States of America once again.

  42. The original status was actually in quotations. Whoever put this up sucks.

  43. LOTR > Harry Potter > Used toilet roll > Twilight

    ..and here endeth the ‘debate’

  44. I don’t really know what any of this is about but I have seen a Harry Potter movie (possibly two) and a Twilight movie and I generally try to avoid situations where I may be pressured into sitting through any of these types of things again.

  45. Tax on tanning?

    One of us is dumb. The other, Lame.

  46. Who would you rather interms of these authors: Stephanie Meyer, JK Rowling or Snooki (based on attraction, not net-worth).

    Who would you rather interms of these dumb broads: Snooki, Paris, or Lindsay Lohan from the “Mean Girls” era?

  47. In terms

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