Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snooki Season

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  1. Where can I get a crate of those? There must be a thousand uses for them! You could give o e to a homeless person when they ask for change. You could leave them in random mailboxes. You could shove one in your butt and then go drop snooki off where she belongs.


  2. I’d rather hang myself

  3. That’s perfect for a white elephant gift.

  4. Beatus, do you actually know any white elephants? And if you do, are you sure they like snooki? Is giving your white elephant a snooki ornament kinda like giving your dog a new rawhide for Christmas?

  5. necrophiliac64258

    ^you forgot to do your stupid

    Stever wouldn’t have forgotten

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  7. Oh come on, who wouldn’t want to hang snooki?

  8. More like Christmas whorenaments… Hey-O!

  9. Tat.

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