Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Fresh and So Peen


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  1. LMAO! Stuff like that shouldn’t be done and definitely NOT admitted!

  2. I’m actually gagging.

  3. Dave, you are SUCH a catch, how do you fight them all off?

  4. what IS it with black people???

  5. I was so confused: I read “take a shower pic, up dirty clothes” and was wondering how Dave is meant to be cleaning up his act with that type of behaviour

  6. I always forget to clothes new sheets air.

  7. Freshener?! I barely know her!

  8. How does one just wash one’s dick? Does Baron fill up the sink basin and then ARRRGH THE HORROR!

  9. @ Potato Head

    Easy. Shove it up the nozzle and turn it on full pressure. Rinse, Lather, and Repeat.

  10. she must be white

  11. haha, @fake mcowles… I don’t think it’s ‘just black people’, but thanks for playing.

    BTW, if you don’t wash your balls also, then you’re just wasting time.

  12. Wow do guys really do things like this? I never knew !

  13. Perhaps it shouldn’t be posted on facebook but hey, everyone should at least wash their dick before you’re about to hit something.

  14. Shame that when she turned up her allergy to air freshener kicked in and she died of anaphylactic shock.
    Fortunately, Baron helped ‘dispose’ of the body.
    (If only he’d known she was going to die, he could have saved on that wash)

  15. That is disgusting u give guys a bad name

  16. And ur telling people this because??

  17. haha, wow… I’m glad people here know enough about pretending to be someone else that no one gets offended by you, mr. mcowles_2.

  18. Damn nigga, always representing!

  19. baby*cough*wipes.

  20. Jeez, a lot of people are pretending to be me today.

  21. Am I the only one who just laughed at the entry title?

  22. I love nigger cock

  23. I’m just glad they’re not pretending to be me anymore.

    I think it’s a sign that you’re funny. So I’m not funny anymore.

  24. At least Baron’s ladies don’t need to worry about ball-cheese.

  25. CLASSY.

  26. Why is Dave posting this? Is it some kind of “Note to self”?
    I’m not American but Dave doesn’t strike me as a non bloke-ish name.

  27. Baron did use a comma properly (I’ll ignore “da”) so he’s obviously a man of class. You gotta be a real special lady for him to take a full shower.

  28. Surely if you are a complete dick, then washing your dick and having a shower are pretty much the same thing.

  29. These guys are amateurs. Save time by washing your dick in your own junk then, if she’s really special, a quick spritz up with a bit of anal. That’s what this nigga does before I’m bout to hit something.

  30. you aint a man until you have double dipped!

  31. I love people when they talk ‘ hip hop gangsta’ on Facebook. Cos you know, no self respecting ‘hip hop gangsta’ could function without social networking sites.

  32. I definitely done the cock wash to save time.

  33. how much time do you need to save that you can skip a shower altogether ???

  34. It’s not time, it’s just being lazy.

  35. First of all, dudes have GOT to stop spilling all of our dirty men secrets out on the internet.

    Women don’t need to know all of the truth – it’s not good for them.

    Secondly, I’d say most guys (regardless of color), have had a moment when you had to get ready very quickly and just washed your funkies.

    Washing the dick isn’t enough. You gotta get your balls too, and squeeze in the butt-crack and armpits if you got time. (yes, these are your funkies!)

    Then again, if you got that much time, you may be able to take a full shower.

  36. you still funny dude

  37. Thank god I’m married and he knows to shower or do without!

  38. what if it’s happening IN the shower? see, this opens up a whole ne delema; to shower or not to shower. ahh you poor men. so many problems

  39. I see you had no dilemma about not attending English class.

  40. Two words……..WET ONES! Just ask Trick Daddy who had an entire door rack full of them on his bathroom door on an episode of Cribs.

  41. 88 nuff said

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