Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keep it on the Couch

Keep it on the Couch

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  1. why would you be on facebook when your sitting right next to your dude? really though?
    you put out all this energy to type something that you could of just said out loud?
    ..this is creepy and sounds like if he ever “let go” you would be a mess.
    and you guys have probably only been together for like, 2 months – if that.
    get over yourself.

  2. Nothing wrong with this, cute.

  3. I don’t think this is lame. Look at it from a different perspective. Sometimes people want others (friends) to know how they feel about that someone ‘special’ in their lives. She probably tells him all the time how she feels however it’s different when you read it. FB is there to state how we feel or what we are up to at any given moment…she felt like sharing at that given moment.

  4. @Mandy

    You are all of what is wrong with the female gender. If you want to tell your friends how special this person is, do. DON’T broadcast it via facebook. It is just embarrassing for all parties involved. If it’s a more personal message (which believe me I have seen MANY times before) either private message it or text it. DON’T leave it there for the whole world to see, NOONE else cares…

  5. is there a lamebook lamebook?

  6. The Scarlet Pimple


  7. anmywhome? wtf you just broke the douchebag meter

  8. never let go, jack.. never let go.

  9. Sad thing is I know this chick and she was posting this about her Dog.

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