Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Ink That Stinks!

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  1. Good one miley, there is the originality this place has been missing for awhile.

  2. Charlotte Sometimes

    I don’t even dislike the fact that the first tattoo quotes a ridiculous song. What really scares me is how poorly drawn the iPod was compared to everything else.

  3. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I certainly wouldn’t get one, myself, but I did get a laugh out of Tramp Stamp.

    The best tat I’ve ever seen, was a guy sporting two ‘Radiohead bears’ on his chest. I was rather drunk, so told him I loved him, and we hugged.

  4. justbeingmiley, I’d say bucket loads.

  5. Or none at all.

    There would be no middle ground.

  6. o god what has this world come to when wordperverts can’t decide on how much cum is deployed onto men’s backs!

  7. Egads, man!

    Any guesses as to what’s going on in those tats on the sides of Jana’s neck?

    I see a revolver cylinder pooping blood and a missile hooked up to an IV.

  8. The_DreadLord

    Soulja Boi’s biggest claim to fame is the fact Ice-T posted a Youtube rant about how much he sucked, which prompted a mini-YouTube war of video rants.

    Soulja Boi’s uber-witty intro to what I believe was his first video reply? “Ice-T? Man, he old!” With his two little wanksta chums laughing on in the background.

    Yeah, Ice-T’s older than you. He’s also done stuff that you don’t even have the imagination to dream about. He’s a successful musician and actor with a career that has spanned almost 30 years. You, Soulja Boi, will be completely forgotten in a few more years, unless of course you’re the butt of jokes on late night shows but even that’s doubtful, since you’re no Kanye.

  9. 1- I hope I never end up in line behind her and have to stare at that monstrosity…

    2- looks like a confused black guy…

    3- that guy is probably a total douche.

    4. Besides the obvious misspelling, is that another e coming off of the capital t?

  10. Tramp Stamp FTW! It reminds me of a boy I knew that got a large star with the word ‘porn’ tattooed on his ass.

  11. I like the kramer one. It’s obviously him or one of his friend’s faces on kramer’s body. That’s funny!

  12. #1 is the dumbest tatt I have ever seen. Don’t people know that shit is for life? Unless you want to spend more money having it covered up or lazer treatment to remove it that is. What is really sad is these retards will go on to have kids who will be raised by someone who is dumber than the family dog. We should start giving them IQ tests at the end of high school and if they fail lock them up and throw away the key. There are WAY too many stupid people walking around out there. Luckily we can spot them because of the stupid shit they tattoo on themselves… oh hey, maybe it is usefull after all… 🙂

  13. Allen, I can’t speak for everyone as you never know what is going to come out of anybody’s mouth in here. Well, almost, we know what is coming out of word’s mouth.

    But anyway, I’m getting off track here, your website sucks. Twss moments have been around since middle school. It is old and can be said about anything. For instance, in your last sentence, ” and they should pop up” can be one of the moments.

    It’s just not funny anymore.

  14. I have my own face tattooed on my ass.

  15. Wow. I was so distracted by that bloody AWFUL Soulja Boi tattoo that it took me a second look to realise that those are some weirrrrdly sloping shoulders.
    That is a neck right?
    And if so…bacne.

  16. @jelly- seriously? they’re called freckles. you should learn the difference between pimples & melanin.

  17. That stupid ipod tattoo already looks dated. Not a good idea.

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