Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spell Checked-Out

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  2. Okay.. whyyy do I keep seeing “steeeeeeeverrrr” everywhere??

  3. because he’s a one trick pony beating a dead horse

  4. Bondage time it is. Next, Morgan will be telling The Aristocrats Joke.

  5. What I don’t get is that there are usually more dislikes than likes, yet he still keeps posting it.

  6. @5 I know, right? The fact that some people don’t care what complete strangers think about them on a site that has no bearing on their lives whatsoever is incredible.

  7. Heeey what the heck?? This is a tough crowd.
    And rightbrain yeah that’s totally what I meant. Sarcasm, meet sarcasm.

  8. How do you do?

  9. Oh very well, thank you.
    And you?
    I think we got off on the wrong… WING.

  10. *Wang.

    Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.

  11. ha! nothing like buffalo wangs and family bondage time to spice up your life eh?

  12. Shut up, dardar.

  13. Hey Capn!! Happy ‘talk like a pirate day’!!

  14. Dammit, I still have a few more hours before I can join the celebration.

  15. ^break some fucking rules, for christ sake’s man!

    even on a day dedicated to fucking piracy you still take it down to the fucking letter?

    just how big an autism are we talking here, beat?

  16. I’m your father. Get a lawyer and a gun.

  17. Fuck you.

  18. Are you a hot tamale?

  19. aRR! Thanks Franky. Today, pirates everywhere will rejoice and plunder the endless booty available on the internet!

  20. Oh, OH? Someone DOESN’T LIKE PIRATE DAY? FUCKIN’ debby downer?

  21. @MsAnne, arrgh. Go yonder and fuck yerself, wench. I will do what I choose to do, whether ye like it or not, savvy?

  22. ‘savvy’ doesn’t seem right.

  23. He stole it off Captain Jack Sparrow. So who’s the better pirate, hey?

  24. Jacky boy doesn’t have internet…So he can shove his magic compass up his booty hole. I have gps! and Lamebook!

  25. …and crippling social anxiety!

  26. hardly crippling, dear, more of a mind numbing annoyance, and complete lack of interest in most people, due to the fact that the majority of society is filled with selfish money hungry parasites and puppets on a power trip. People are horrible to each other and it disgusts me. My own brother doesn’t even speak to me, like I don’t even exist, and only because none of his friends talk to him anymore, and come over to visit with me, because he’s a completely miserable asshole and treated them like garbage and used them for his own selfish desires….but apparently I’ve brainwashed them all into not liking him with my +10 charming abilities!…or something like that..

  27. I was being sarcastic you fucking moron.
    People with crippling social anxiety don’t tend to upload videos of the internet of themselves chattin’ and chillin’.

    so untwist your fucking tits.

  28. *on teh internet.

  29. I realize that love, but to be fair I was just pretending to be ignorant over the fact and instead chose to argue with your sarcasm, because, I really just wanted to give you a chance to insult me. It’s kinda like how little girls punch boys in the shoulder on the playground back in grade-school in a playful attempt to say, “hey, you’re pretty neato, I like you, let’s play, or be friends”. So like, basically, I was just giving you an opening to secretly admit you enjoy my company on lamebook….because, let’s face it, if it wasn’t for myself and a couple of the other “regulars” you’d be stuck arguing and trying to poke fun at the all too boring and monotonous cannon fodder that stumbles in every now n’ then…or someone like your lamebook stalker “itzmurda” or however the fucks ya spell that twats name! So, if you want my titties untwisted, I suggest you waltz on over here and do it yourself, and make it kinky, you know how I enjoy that sorta thing :p

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