Thursday, May 16, 2013

Someone has got to do it…

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  1. It’s better than the one in Slaughter, Louisiana.

  2. RSPCA buries them and Elsior digs them up and fucks them as he does beatus’ mom ever so often.

  3. Bury is a town just outside Manchester in England but is actually pronounced ‘burry’ and not ‘berry’ not to say it’s still not funny.

  4. I mean, sometime between the planning and the painting, someone had to have noticed this.

  5. ^NOT!!

  6. Proper burial for animals, what’s wrong with that?
    Some are left as roadkill, rotting in streets, or in parks, for little kiddies to discover.

  7. Also better than the one in Double-Team, Illinois.

  8. Am I the only one who had to google RSPCA?

  9. #6 I believe the animals left as roadkill are shoved off to one side for scavengers intentionally by the government. It’s a conspiracy!

  10. Now this is the lamebook I missed

  11. Beatus, I’m glad you know how to google. I live not too far from Slaughter, and I can tell you, to them: no joke is a new joke.

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