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  1. This is probably not in America then…
    Perhaps a more “developed” country.

    Who’d marry their cousin? Icky.

  2. ^ Ahh, here come the anti-USA comments. I’m not American, I just don’t get the hate. Most the yanks on Lamebook are quite intelligent, sure there’s a minority of hicks and rednecks, but every country has its idiots. I really can’t stand the whole “let’s feel better about ourselves by mocking America” bandwagon.

  3. The yanks on lamebook aren’t real people.
    It’s the NSA, who have hired foreign super-brains, to sit day-long, and write pro-USA-comments.

    Well, hired or hired. The NSA threats to kill their family, if they aren’t doing the job good enough.

  4. Since my comment with the link is in moderation-limbo, take a look at the wikipedia page for cousin marriage and then tell me where this is more likely to have happened.

  5. The above post certainly isn’t true. I take it all back.

    And that’s not because of a call to my telephone, from some american accent speaking guy, naming the adress of my parents!

    I’m, by free will, stating that none of the content in the previous post is true, America is the greatest country by far, and all ‘muricans are super-brains!

  6. Paranoid Android72

    America is our hyperactive, bible-thumping cousin.
    Australia is our alcoholic, sheep-interfering cousin.
    Canada, well our Canadian cousins cannot be trusted with matches or sharp, pointy things.
    Most of Europe, they are the ‘h-so-cool’, flirty, ruffle your hair, pick-pocketing cousin.

    There, something to offend most people on here. Job done.

  7. Wasn’t hemophilia caused by inbreeding, and wasn’t it common amongst the royal families? We don’t have royal families in the states, unless they’re fleeing their country.

  8. you can’t? my bad

  9. sleptwithghosts

    I’d say the Greeks are more into sheep fucking.

  10. Wondering if it’s okay to marry your gay cousin?
    Fucking your cousin isn’t allowed because of all the baby health issues etc.
    Gay marriage is allowed though.
    Gay marriage with a cousin should be fine. It’s just fucking and romance and booty valve abuse etc.. no risk of babies with two heads.
    any input?

  11. this reminds me of randy marsh from south park – episode “the losing edge”.

  12. Marriage between first cousins is legal in 26 states. Marriage between second cousins is legal in all 50 states. Some anthropologists estimate that more than half of all marriages in history were between cousins.

  13. ^you’ve certainly done your homework. There a reason for that?

  14. #2 – you’re judging Americans based on Lamebook commenters? I don’t think that’s an accurate representation of the population.

  15. Lamebook commenters are smarter than your average american.

    /nods at beatus

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  17. ^ Your co-worker’s step-aunt married her cousin, didn’t she?

  18. Ironic that of the countries that have encouraged incest to maintain pure blood lines America isn’t on that list. Also it’s not incest it’s wincest!

  19. @7 Beatus, I don’t think it was caused by inbreeding. It is the fact that it’s an inherited condition that can be passed from parents to children, that affected the royalty.

  20. ^ Correct. The British royal family was unconciously involved in the spread of haemophilia to the heads of state of other European countries (such as Greece, Denmark, Spain and Russia) because they were married to various other royal or noble families to expand their empire and form alliances.

    However, inbreeding would greatly increase the chances of this recessive gene being passed on, so you decide.

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