Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Soup Sounds

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  1. ….said Steever’s dad.

  2. If you keep having boys in your room, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  3. Btw., who took the picture? She is having a boy in her room!!!

  4. its probably a webcam picture….
    Mobydkman, that slurping sound is your mom getting up every drop

  5. judging by her picture that won’t be an issue.

  6. Why not? She’s attractive

  7. Uhh—why would you blur out the pic where their name is and totally not have an issue with an even clearer pic of her slurping ramen? lamebook–YOU MAKE NO FUCKING SENSE!

  8. Yeah stfu #5, she has a sense of humour and she reads real books. She’s a catch.

  9. I blame her parents…they obviously didn’t teach her good table manners. SMH!

  10. #8
    It’s Harry Potter and Twillight-books – it doesn’t count.

  11. Who fucking cares about the books? Great, she can read. Now can you eat like a civilized human being? She could be smart as hell, but go out to dinner one time and hear that shit?

  12. Whose making out sounds like slurping soup? She looks like a slurpy kisser.

  13. Mel, I think it’s more important to blur out the profile pic, because that’s what you look for when you search for someone (plus you’d need a first or last name). It’d be nearly impossible to find this girl based on a picture of her eating Ramen.

  14. ^Challenge accepted.

  15. That girl looks like a boy with long hair.

  16. Alright thatsitshebawls—now you gotta prove yourself. And if you fail miserably you will have to hide in shame for the rest of your life. lol

  17. jomandaman—I bet someone could find her based off of that picture.

  18. Mel, I like to think I have decent stalking skills but unless you’ve seen her before or know someone who does, where would you even start?



    Better make a post stating she’s cute and sexy, ’cause then maybe she sees it and wants to help me get rid of this virginity!!!!


  20. I think she looks dirty

  21. Her name on tumblr is ‘apatheticghost’ and her real name is possibly Kylie and she is now carrying my progeny. And did Dane just make a post that didn’t include a shitty rape joke? Bad form Dane. Pick your particular stupidity and stick with it for God snakes!

  22. Why would one post such an unflattering picture of oneself, even if to show eating soup? That should be done at a kitchen table, not in a bedroom.

  23. ^Because one is a cunt.

  24. ^ That explains a lot.

  25. #21 The rape-statement is up higher, you dumb shit.

    If I keep making rape-statements in every post, it’s my fault if you get raped!

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